The Brown Brothers amaze with 10 different voice impressions


The Brown Brothers’ Unique Audition on AGT 2022

Gabriel and Nathaniel Brown, Navy veterans and brothers on the autism spectrum, took the AGT 2022 stage for a memorable audition. Gabriel humorously opened up about their challenges with socializing, describing themselves as high-functioning and adept at blending in, though he humorously noted he’s never encountered a “normal” person.

Aiming to Inspire

When judge Howie Mandel inquired about their goals on AGT, Gabriel expressed their desire to be a voice and inspiration for people like them. The Brown Brothers showcased their musical talents, with Nate as a multi-instrumentalist and Gabe as a singer skilled in vocal impressions.

An Innovative Audition Format

For their audition, the brothers presented the judges with yellow character cards and blue song cards, leaving the performance up to chance. This resulted in a vast array of 576 possible combinations, making their act an improvisational challenge.

Impersonations with a Twist

Interestingly, a Simon Cowell card emerged, adding a playful element to their performance, given Cowell’s frequent role as a subject of impersonation. The brothers stand out from other impressionist acts by starting songs in a standard style before transitioning into character. Gabe’s proficiency as an impressionist added a unique flair to their performance.

Watch the video below to experience the Brown Brothers’ innovative and entertaining audition on AGT 2022, showcasing their exceptional musical and impersonation skills.