Jeremy Renner makes first red carpet appearance following his snow plow accident – brings along a very special plus one


This week, the actor made his first red carpet-appearance, and he brought along a very special plus one to mark the occasion.


Jeremy Renner made a career for himself in Hollywood. The actor’s biggest role perhaps was in the Avengers franchise as Hawkeye. And in real life, the actor took on the role literally as well, becoming a superhero who saved his nephew’s life.

According to the details in a redacted Washoe County Sheriff’s Office incident report towed his nephew Alexander Fries’, vehicle after it got stuck in the snow. In the process, the snow plow began to move, and to avoid his nephew getting hurt the actor decided to intervene.

According to the report, the snowcat which was a PistenBully snow groomer started “sliding sideways” and then “began to roll down the hill.” The actor jumped out of the machine only to realize that his nephew was in its path.


“Once he was off the PistenBully, he realized it was heading directly toward (his nephew),” the report read. “He feared the PistenBully was going to hit (his nephew), so he decided to attempt to stop or divert the PistenBully.”

In the spur of the moment, the actor decided to jump into the cab of the vehicle in order to stop it but instead was “immediately pulled under the left side track.”

He was brutally injured in the accident. The actor was immediately hospitalized following the accident. In a recent interview, he revealed that he had broken “35 or so” bones.

“We kept discovering them as we were going along. It went from critical order, like, priority of what I’m going to die from or not,” Renner said about how doctors tackled his broken bones. “And then six weeks later, I’m finding another break and another break and another break.”


He revealed that despite how severe the accident had been, “It just missed every vertebra, didn’t hit any organs, didn’t hit my brain, didn’t swell, nothing like that. My eye did pop out, that’s weird,” Renner shared. “But I got pretty lucky that none of my organs got messed up. It pierced my liver but that wasn’t dangerous.”

While the actor acknowledged that he looked well and lighthearted, he shared that he was in a lot of pain, saying, “I promise you I’m in a ton of pain.”

But the actor is doing a lot better than he was. His new documentary series Rennervations had its premiere on Tuesday. The actor showed up to the red carpet in a classic navy blue suit and dark shades. He walked with the help of a cane.

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And he held hands with his daughter Ava, his plus one for the premiere. Both father and daughter beamed for the cameras as they made their way up the red carpet.

This was Renner’s first red carpet-appearance following his accident and subsequent hospitalization on January 1, 2023.

In recent interviews, the actor has noted that he is lucky to be alive and that it could have been much worse for him.

We wish the actor nothing but good health as he heals from his accident. Share this piece with others so they can look at how well Jeremy Renner has recuperated from his accident!