Listen To 10,000 Voices Sing “Love Of My Life” Alongside The Greatest Freddie Mercury Impersonator


Marc Martel’s Stunning Rendition of Queen’s “Love Of My Life” in Santiago

For fans of Queen and Freddie Mercury, Marc Martel’s performance of “Love Of My Life” in Santiago, Chile, is a breathtaking experience. Known as one of the greatest Freddie Mercury vocal impersonators globally, Martel delivers a spine-tingling performance that is amplified by the passionate participation of 10,000 voices from the audience.

About Marc Martel

Marc Martel, hailing from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, was born in November 1976. His journey in music began early, with his roots tracing back to his Canadian rock musician days. The son of Barbara Beresford Martel and Michel Martel, he studied at Briercrest College in Saskatchewan.

Martel’s musical career took off with the formation of his first band, Downhere, which he started in 1999 with Jason Germain, his friend and roommate. His vocal prowess is so reminiscent of the iconic Freddie Mercury that listeners might find themselves transported back to a Queen concert.

A Must-Watch Performance

This particular performance, boasting over 44 million views, has become a favorite among Queen fans. Marc Martel’s extraordinary vocal similarity to Freddie Mercury, combined with the emotional resonance of the crowd, makes this a must-watch.

Check out the video below to witness Marc Martel’s incredible performance of “Love Of My Life” in Santiago, a tribute that beautifully echoes the legend of Freddie Mercury.