When Michael Bublé And Josh Groban Had An Epic Sing-Off Live On Stage


Michael Buble’s Comedic Twist in Concert

Michael Buble, a renowned jazz singer often likened to the iconic Frank Sinatra, has been a dominant force in the music industry alongside Josh Groban for over two decades. Known for his exceptional vocal talent, Buble’s style contrasts sharply with Groban’s, leading to a humorous incident at one of his concerts.

Buble: The Jazz Legend with a Sense of Humor

Buble has earned his status as a jazz legend with hits like “Fly Me To The Moon” and is a staple in Christmas music playlists. The thought of him switching genres seems almost unimaginable, given his significant impact on jazz.

A Surprising Announcement

In a display of his well-known comedic and showman qualities, Buble surprised his audience with a playful confession. He jokingly remarked about not being a fan of jazz, likening it humorously to a blues band tumbling down stairs. In a light-hearted twist, he announced a new career direction, humorously declaring his intention to “kick Josh Groban’s little butt.”

Watch the video below to see Michael Buble’s entertaining and unexpected announcement at his concert, a moment that showcases his humor and charismatic stage presence.