Baby was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer right after she was born, spends 130 nights in hospital before doctors revealed this!


At only four months old, the little girl was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. The doctors discovered the disease after it had spread to almost every part of her body.

From the diagnosis followed 15 months of grueling treatment involving chemotherapy, stem cell transplants and several rounds of radiation. Molly was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, which, according to the health officials, is a type of cancer that manifests from immature nerve cells found in various parts of the body (particularly around the adrenal glands which sit atop the kidneys).

The cancerous cells can also develop around the abdomen area, chest, neck and spine. As for Molly, her family recounts spending nearly 130 nights in the hospital while she underwent a series of cancer treatments. Read the full story here ▶