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Wrist Injury To Jaylen Brown Might Be A Good Thing

Wrist Injury To Jaylen Brown Might Be A Good Thing

The wrist injury to Jaylen Brown last week put an end to his season early. Due to a torn scapholunate ligament in his left wrist, he underwent successful surgery sources say. And although many wish a speedy recovery for the all-star, it may be for the best. 

Wrist Injury Was Just Part Of The List of Issues

This past season hit the Celtics hard as far as unfortunate events including Jaylen Brown. With COVID still a thing, health and safety protocols kept him and other teammates out from game to game. Furthermore, Brown also dealt with nagging injuries here and there during the season. Out of 72 games, Brown only played 58. Though he’s a tough kid, perhaps it was the best for him to sit out when considering the Celtics current seeding. 

Kemba Walker was out for the first half of the season with a lower-body injury. When he returned he wasn’t like his old self. During that time, many minutes and shots were placed on Tatum and Brown. And with a heavy load on the two stars back, the injuries were bound to come. Fans speculate changes to the roster will happen after this season. 

Season May Have Been A Lost Hope Anyway

To label, this season as ‘frustrating’ would be an understatement. Many believed them to end up in a similar if not better spot with a conference finals appearance last year. However, thanks to injuries, super-teams, lack of enthusiasm, and more they’re at the bottom. And now that they’re officially heading to the play-in tournament, the hill may be too steep to climb for the C’s. That’s not to say Brown couldn’t have made a big difference. But when looking at other teams in the east (Philly, Brooklyn, Miami) the Celtics are not ready. 

It’s Only Up From Here For Brown

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Aside from the lack of meeting expectations as a team, Brown played good basketball this year. With 24.7 points, 6 rebounds, and 3.4 assists a night granting him his first appearance in the all-star game. After being snubbed last year. The now 4-year veteran has been developing his game and carrying a heavier role in the offense. With no Gordon Hayward and Walker getting older the debate of the team being his is reasonable. He’s shooting 38% from the field and 39% from deep. His best numbers to date.

Now that Ainge knows that the team belongs to Tatum and Brown perhaps they will now build around them this summer. Whether it’s through the NBA draft or free agency there should be players who want to play with this group. And if it does happen, they’ll end up back where they were last year at the least. 

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