Will Andrew Benintendi Actually End Up Being Moved?


Andrew Benintendi was supposed to be out of Boston by the end of this past weekend. Surprisingly, Benintendi is still here. It might even be a blessing in disguise if Benintendi stays in Boston.

What is Andrew Benintendi worth?

It’s really no secret Andrew Benintendi’s 2020 season was horrendous. In 52 plate appearances, he recorded 3 times more walks/HBPs (12) than hits (4). It’s never good when your Opening Day leadoff hitter bats .103 in a season. To be fair, Benintendi didn’t finish the season after sustaining a ribcage injury, but the numbers remain. Following a season like this, Benintendi’s trade value has probably never been lower.

Trading Andrew Benintendi now would result in a return of some lower-tier prospects. His trade market would have fared much better in a year like 2019, where his much better 2018 season was less far away. Considering these factors, you would expect the Red Sox to hold onto Benintendi. The Red Sox outfield is also down to Benintendi, Alex Verdugo, and Hunter Renfroe. A trade would result in JD Martinez playing more time in the field, which could become problematic. Martinez’s defense has been less than stellar, cementing his role as the Sox’s designated hitter.

Potential & Value

It is also worth noting that Andrew Benintendi is 26 years old, and could easily rebound in the 2021 season. Shipping him off for a couple of prospects does not make much sense. Benintendi’s value is clearly not high enough to warrant an MLB-level player in return. Without getting a usable pitcher or outfielder in return, there’s no point in making this trade. This is probably the reason why trade talks have likely stalled. Benintendi’s value is very much in flux, and now that GMs know the Red Sox intend on moving him, they have no leverage. But don’t get me wrong, I would completely understand a Benintendi trade following a signing of a high end free agent outfielder. However, it seems unlikely as of now for the Sox to make a big splash.

In all, Andrew Benintendi deserves another chance to make his impact for the Red Sox. Despite this, he may end up on the move by the end of the week.

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