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Widows find support in one another after losing husbands to coronavirus

To absolutely comprehend the lack of so many lives to COVID-19, it helps to see the faces, to be taught the names of the lifeless and to hear from a number of the family members they left behind. Some of the ladies widowed by the virus are discovering solace in one another. 

Rebecca Reilly mentioned her husband, Michael, “was just so full of life” and at all times smiling. He was her finest pal. 

“I miss him so much,” she mentioned. 

The couple has two youngsters, Leah and Michael. 

“Leah is the light of his life,” Reilly mentioned. And Michael is a spitting picture of him. He’s Mike reincarnated, for positive.” 

Michael Reilly died from COVID-19 at age 47, just hours after a FaceTime call with his wife and their children. 

“I pushed the youngsters in entrance of the display screen in order that they might say, ‘I really like you, Daddy.’ And he saved saying, ‘It’s OK. I’ll see you quickly. It’s OK. I really like you.’ That’s the very last thing he mentioned,” Reilly said. 

Reilly’s husband died two weeks before Christmas.

“It’s indescribable, the ache,” she said. “Feels such as you’re actually being punched in the abdomen.” 

It’s a pain she shares with Pamela Addison and her children, Elsie and Graeme. 

“Elsie will lookup on the sky and say, ‘Papa’s up in the sky. I am unable to attain him ‘trigger he is in heaven. But he is in my coronary heart,’” Addison said. 

Their dad, Martin, lost his battle with the virus in April. He was 44 years old. 

Addison received a card from a stranger after her husband died. “You’re not alone,” the card said. So Addison created a Facebook group for young widows, who could support one another through the pain. The group is now 400 strong and meets twice a week on Zoom. 

“If it wasn’t for this group, I would not be OK,” Reilly said. 

Addison added: “Our children are gonna have buddies that may perceive what they went by means of.” 

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