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Why Americans Should Be “Very Concerned” About COVID Version Getting Through Brazil

Sao Paulo – Brazil’s fight against dangerous Coronavirus The variant has left its hospitals at the breaking point, with new cases skyrocketing and in a state of a toll after death. One expert told CBS News that Americans “must be very concerned” about the possibility of the mutant virus, or others yet undetermined, setting foot on US soil.

The growth of COVID-19 in Brazil is being driven by both Highly infectious P-1 strain It was first found in that country, and was a highly critical government response to the epidemic. The version has already been found in more than half of the US states.

As reported by CBS News correspondent Manuel Bourquez, the situation in Brazil’s largest city, São Paulo, and around the country is appalling. When the P-1 variant began to take hold last month, hospital intensive care units already had 90%, or more, capacity in more than half of Brazil’s states.

CBS News saw for the first time how the situation was getting worse, causing a setback to Brazil’s strong health care system. Every single patient at the Hospital Geral de Villa Pantido in São Paulo suffers from COVID-19. There is no room for any other.

Brazil faces fatal COVID-19


De Jesus told Bojorquez that in his experience, less than half of the patients he is treating are likely to recover from the disease. Surprisingly, she said that more of those patients are in their 20s, 30s and 40s.

Unlike the ICU in the US, its hospital wards are open, where there are no barriers between patients. This seems like the worst case scenario for medics trying desperately to save lives. Bojorquez was observed as people were intubated to place them on the ventilator, while in another room, a patient was given small compressions. It is a daily struggle that troubles those working in the facility and countless others throughout Brazil.

“Jesus said,” Most of the cases, the last thing they see is me, the nurses.

Scientists believe P-1 variant is fueling The boom. A distinguished professor of neuroscience at Duke University’s School of Medicine, Drs. Miguel Nicolales told CBS New that this tension spreads from person to person two-and-a-half times more easily, and is a concern for everyone, even outside Brazil. Boundaries.

“If I was talking to someone in Oklahoma, I would tell him or her to be very concerned about that,” Nicolis told Byorquez. “Because if Brazil is out of control, the world will be out of control in a few weeks. Because the variants that are brewing here every day, every week … they will survive.”

An in-depth look at the Coronavirus variants


He said he talked about being in danger in Brazil months ago, but some people listened – most notably President Jair Bolsonaro Criticized for reducing epidemic And enforcing sanctions fought by some governors, including Sao Paolo

“We are fighting against two viruses at the moment, coronoviruses and ‘bolsonoroviruses,” São Paulo Governor João Doria told Bjorquez.

Doria has attracted the desire of Bolsonaro’s supporters, but believes the limited restrictions he is able to enforce in Brazil’s most populous state – for more than 46 million people – including the closure of shopping malls The results have started showing.

But he said that without the national government it is capable of taking measures that are not sufficient to deal with the health crisis.

“We need, at this time, to unite against the virus, not divide, and we are divided,” he said. “We are advocating [for a] Lockdown now. We are currently in the red phase. It is a lockdown, a local lockdown, which orientates people to stay home at this time. Please, stay home. “

Brazil experiencing severe COVID-19 infection …


The Brazilian Ministry of Health says that about 3% of the country’s population has been fully vaccinated. The country is currently using two vaccines not yet approved for use in the US, but the most commonly used drugs in the US are showing mixed results in defense against the P-1 variant.

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