When you pull up to the rental car place and they ask if you want a mini van the answer is always yes


In the phrases of the nice Hilary Duff … why not? Heather Martin arrived on the Nemacolin Resort on the Monday, February 8, episode of The Bachelor and everybody had questions. One, nonetheless, she answered through Instagram.

While many ladies resolve to reach in a limo, the Bachelor alum, 25, chose to drive up in a white minivan. “When you pull up to the rental car place and they ask if you want a mini van [sic] the answer is always yes,” she captioned a picture of herself sending subsequent to the van.

On Tuesday, February 9, she mentioned that call additional through her Instagram Stories.

“So, I just have to say, I legitimately pulled up to the rental car place and I don’t know if they didn’t have any other cars but they’re just like, ‘So, is a minivan OK?’” she recalled. “And of course I didn’t think twice and I was like, ‘Yeah, I’d love a minivan.’ I didn’t realize until later that was a weird thing.”

Heather added the caption, “Who knew??” on her Story.

During the episode, Heather, who first appeared on Colton Underwood‘s season of The Bachelor in 2019, explained that she and Bachelor Matt James had never met, but had a mutual friend: Hannah Brown. Hannah, 26, who also starred on Colton’s Bachelor season, had apparently advised Heather that she’d be a nice match for this season’s lead.

So, she took a shot at exhibiting up at Nemacolin.

“I have met Heather before [but] I had no relationship with her,” the North Carolina native, 29, mentioned on Us’ “Here for the Right Reasons” podcast earlier this month. “But she does have a relationship with one of my good friends Hannah Brown. I was just as shocked to see her as everyone else was when she arrives, and I think it makes for a very interesting conversation.”

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Heather Martin arrives on The Bachelor ABC

Her arrival got here shortly after the present launched Matt to 5 new ladies, along with his cast — inflicting a ton of drama contained in the resort.

“I tried to be empathetic to that because I would be upset if new women came when I was part of this journey,” the previous soccer participant advised Us. And you will have all these newcomers [who are] very engaging, educated — every little thing that you’d need in somebody that you simply’re in search of, you see come by the door, 5 extra, and I can see how that may be irritating. [But] I suppose there’s a sure manner that it’s best to take care of that frustration.”

The Bachelor airs on ABC Mondays at 8 p.m. ET.