Viral video of a father warns other parents – Dad taking justice in his own hands, after his teen daughter was targeted by stalker


A teenage girl from Oklahoma was terrified after she was stalked online from a much older man. Fortunately, her dad knows the importance of keeping close watch over the people his daughter chats with online.

Thanks to an app he installed on her phone, he was able to access the chat with where an older man was sending her inappropriate pictures and making unwanted advances. The stalker obviously had ill intensions.

The father went to the police but he was refused because according to the law, their daughter’s stalker had to actually be caught in the act of stalking to be arrested. Fearing for his daughter, the father decided to take justice in his own hands by luring the predator to his backyard.

Armed with a night vision camera and a tent, the dad set his trap; it was time to capture the criminal.

The Oklahoma dad had staged a woman waiting as bait in a tent in his backyard. The predator thought it was the 15-year-old girl, but he was sorely mistaken. Instead, three men lay in wait, ready to pounce. As the night vision cameras rolled, justice was served like a scene out of a thriller movie.

In fact, the local police chief said that the operation was almost professional, it was so well thought out and expertly executed. Thanks to her father, the teenage daughter is now safe and this is what every parent should know.