UNLV School of Medicine Dean hopes accreditation will remedy shortage of doctors in Nevada


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The UNLV School of Medicine is formally an accredited establishment. This means it’s meeting or exceeding nationwide requirements.

This title may assist cease the shortage of doctors in the state.

Nevada has one of the bottom charges of doctors per capita in the nation.

The dean of the UNLV School of Medicine says having this accredited medical faculty in Southern Nevada will not solely assist retain doctors however may assist increase the kinds of procedures which are provided to the neighborhood.

“This is great news for UNLV and its great news for our community,” stated Dr. Marc Kahn, Dean for the UNLV School of Medicine.

Dean Kahn says the accreditation course of was years in the making and is an important step in addressing the shortage of medical staff in Nevada.

“I think we’re really victims of our large influx of population, which is a good thing, but the healthcare industry never quite caught up,” Dean Kahn stated.

This shortage additionally has to do with an absence of residency positions, which is a vital step to changing into a physician.

There are solely 400 residency positions in Nevada, in comparison with the 19,000 positions in New York. This means many medical college students are going out-of-state for his or her coaching and never coming again.

“We really want our students, whether they do their residencies in state or not, we’d like them to, but we recognize there’s really not enough physicians in the state, we want them to come back and practice here,” Dean Kahn stated. “So, having a fully accredited medical school is really important to obtain that goal.”

By increasing residency packages, it will permit college students to concentrate on extra specialties similar to urology, pediatrics, and ophthalmology. In doing so, households in Southern Nevada will obtain much more choices for care. 

“We don’t do liver transplants here in the state, we don’t do bone marrow transplants in the state. These are no longer experimental protocols; these are standard of care,” Dean Khan stated. “It’s my hope and my plan that over time we’re going to develop each and every one of these. Because after all, this is what our population deserves.”

UNLV now joins round 150 different accredited medical faculties in the nation, together with University of Nevada — Reno.


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