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U.S. recommends “pause” for Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine to review blood clot cases

The Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are recommending a “pause” in the single-dose administration of Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine to review blood clotting cases.

The agencies said in a statement on Tuesday that the CDC would convene a meeting of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices on Wednesday to review six cases of “rare and serious types of blood clots” in people receiving vaccinations. The FDA will review that analysis because it also investigates cases.

“Until this process is complete, we recommend taking precautions to prevent the use of this vaccine.” The statement said that biology assessment and research.

As of Monday, more than 6.8 million doses of single-dose vaccines were given nationwide.

In a handful of cases, the FDA and CDC are investigated in women and include a blood clot called venous sinus thrombosis of the brain, which, according to their statement, was seen with low levels of blood platelets. Symptoms were seen 6 to 13 days after vaccination in women, aged between 18 and 48.

“Treatment of this specific type of blood clotting is different from the treatment that can usually be administered. Typically, an anticoagulant drug called heparin is used to treat blood clots. In this setting, Administration of heparin can be dangerous, and requires alternative treatment. Be given, “he said.

Agencies said that “adverse events” appear to be extremely rare, but it is important that health care providers can be made aware of the reactions and properly identify and manage cases that require unique treatment Needed.

Officials in several states said early Tuesday that they were scrambling to determine how this decision affects current vaccine supply and distribution plans.

Ed O’Keefe contributed reporting.

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