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Two Georgia Republican censors Kemp and Raffenspar

Resolutions have no binding power over elected officials. Rather, party officials say their proposals were intended to send a message to Mr. Kemp and other Republican lawmakers that their jobs could be in jeopardy.

“I will vote for Mickey Mouse before Kemp,” Murray County Republican Party Chairman Tony Abernathy said. “I know what I got with Mickey Mouse. A rino is worthless. “Rino is the abbreviation of dismissal for Republicans in name only.

After Mr. Trump protested his demands to reverse the state’s election results, Mr. Kemp faced months of attacks, protests and protests against his party’s base. Mr. Trump encouraged Republicans to seek retaliation by sending a hard-right loyalty to oppose Mr. Kemp in the primary the following year.

Mr. Kemp and his allies saw a path to redemption within the party in the controversial election bill that the legislature passed an excellent month, which the governor has defended in dozens of public demonstrations, as the new law limits new voting rights. Connects in Georgia.

Other resolutions adopted by the counties supported a bill that passed Delta’s $ 35 million jet fuel tax break in the Republican-controlled Statehouse, and urged Georgians to boycott Major League Baseball and the “woke companies” who voted. Criticized the law.