America’s top health officials on Sunday sought to reassure Americans that Johnson & Johnson’s 10-day halt in vaccine use shows how well safety surveillance works for Kovid-19 vaccines, and some Americans Don’t hesitate to get shots between. .

“What we’re going to see, and we’ll probably see it soon, is that people will realize that we take security very seriously,” Dr. Anthony S. Fauci said, the president’s top medical advisor for coronovirus, interviewed on the ABC News program during one, “This week.”

“We’re trying to deal with the degree of vaccine hesitation that’s still there,” Dr. Fauci said. “And one of the real reasons for hesitation is concern about the safety of the vaccine.”

On Friday, federal authorities recommended the use of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine on April 13, as it was in some cases of a rare blood clotting disorder, which occurred mainly in younger women. As of Friday, experts had identified 15 cases, including three deaths that stemmed from a highly unusual clotting issue. A warning about the risk of the disorder will be included for the company’s product.

Public health experts have expressed concern that the Johnson & Johnson stagnation was particularly worrying, as many states were relying on a one-dose shot to expand vaccination to hard-to-reach rural areas, and those For those who were homebound, homeless and on college campuses. .

Some officials also worried that the stagnation would reduce the rate of vaccines that are already falling in the country. The government is aiming to get most adult Americans vaccinated in the summer.

On NBC’s program “Meet the Press”, the director of the National Institutes of Health, Dr. Francis Collins compared vaccines to blood clotting risk – less than 1 in 500,000 – due to the risk of aspirin causing significant intestinal bleeding in people taking aspirin regularly.

“We’re talking something about being a thousand times less,” Dr. Collins said. “But we Americans are not good at this kind of risk calculation.”

Several states have already announced that they will resume using the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. About 8 million people received it before the pause, and about 10 million doses sat on shelves nationwide waiting to be dispensed.

Overall, more than 50 percent of adult Americans have received at least one pill out of the three vaccines available, Drs. Fauci said.

Dr. Fauci and Drs. Both Collins stated that vaccinating a high percentage of Americans was important to end the epidemic. “The more people get you vaccinated, the more people protect you,” Dr. Fauci said. “When you get a significant number of people getting vaccinated, you really have a blanket of protection on the whole community.”

Dr. Collins said scientists did not know the exact percentage of people with immunity, either from the vaccine or from antibodies to avoid a fight with the virus that would be necessary to reach herd immunity, especially in the new variants. Can be more contagious as coronavirus.

“But it’s around 70, 85 percent,” he said. “And we are not there yet.”

He said that being fully vaccinated.

Dr. “I and my wife were able to invite another couple to come to our house for a dinner and take off our masks because they were also vaccinated and had a normal conversation and hugged each other,” Collins said. . “He was very free. If you are not vaccinated, you may miss the chance to lift the blanket of that fear. “

When asked about reducing restrictions for outsiders wearing masks, Drs. Fauci said the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention may soon revise its recommendations. “I think it’s very common knowledge now that outdoor exposure is, in fact, quite low,” Dr. Fauci said. “I mean, if you’re a vaccinated person, wearing a mask, obviously, the risk is less than zero.”