Tommy Robinson, far-right agitator, raised by Trump, turns to Russia


Prior to 2018, Mr Robinson mostly relied on small donations from his working-class supporters in Britain, but the sudden attention of the United States opened the doors to flooding for new funds.

Analysis of the Times of Mr. Robinson’s financial records as well as publicly available information shows that he has brought in at least $ 2 million since 2018. He himself raised some money — including selling his house north of London for $ 1.1 million. (£ 810,000) – but other funds came from liberal international supporters. Between March and May of that year, according to Colonel Robertson, a former colleague of Mr Robinson, Mr Robinson received around £ 435,000 from supporters, a former associate of Mr Robinson providing screenshots showing the account balance from the period Were.

He said Mr. Shillman paid $ 7,000 a month, for a year, through right-wing Canadian media outlets called Rebel Media, and that Infowars host Alex Jones, told us every time and Then transferred $ 20,000 to buy the cameras and develop the kit and our stuff. “

Bitcoin analysis also shows that Robinson received more than $ 60,000 in small donations between 2018 and 2020, according to computer security researcher John Bambenec.

Mr Dawson, a far-right activist and fund-raiser, said Mr Robinson once told him that he could introduce him to people in the United States, “who will give us £ 300,000 to incite and incite hatred against Muslims” . ” Mr Robinson refused saying this.

Recently, questions have been raised about what Mr. Robinson has done with his money. None of the 10 companies associated with them in the UK ever recorded financial statements despite legal requirements. Only two remain active and Mr. Robinson has used his wife’s name or surname to drive many of them.

In 2014, Mr. Robinson was jailed for 18 months Mortgage fraud And recently, in March, he was indicted by his former colleague Mr. Robertson in. A report by the news outlet The Independent Using donations to pay for prostitutes and cocaine, which he declined.


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