Tom Brady Sr. Senses Trouble In New England


Man, do the Patriots feel dumb right about now. Tom Brady is going to his tenth Super Bowl in his first year with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Always, this time of year Brady’s father Tom Brady Sr. starts talking which doesn’t make Tom Brady Jr. happy. Brady has never said anything bad about his time with the Patriots and his relationship with Belichick. However, his father seems to love to talk about his son’s relationship with his former coach. His father said in 2015 Brady’s time in New England will end badly because of Belichick. He controlled when it was time to move on. As it turns out he did.

Tom Brady Sr. with his son Tom Brady Jr.

Tom Brady Sr. Says Bill Belichick is On The Hot Seat

Tom Brady Sr. confirmed there is trouble in paradise at Patriot Place. Belichick and Robert Kraft are at odds and Belichick is on the hot seat. In my opinion, Kraft is upset Belichick didn’t have a plan at quarterback. He did a few years ago with Jimmy Garoppolo and Jacoby Brissett. Then both were traded because Brady was still playing at a high level. However, now he has no succession to Tom Brady with Jarrett Stidham being a bust and Cam Newton being a disappointment. Belichick’s drafts recently have been bad. They have no receivers or tight ends and haven’t for two years. This offseason is huge for Belichick getting a quarterback and actual players on offense. Especially with Brady in the Super Bowl and the Kraft’s rooting for him.

Tom Brady Sr. said nothing we didn’t already know. Belichick forced Brady to move on due to his age. He looked past the Super Bowl’s and his ability to still play at a high level. He obviously still can and is about to play for his seventh championship. Don’t worry though Brady is a Patriot for life he’ll retire a Patriot and go into the Hall Of Fame as a Patriot.

I think Josh McDaniel’s is waiting in the wings for when Belichick leaves. I think Belichick gets the team to be at least competitive before he hands the keys to McDaniel’s. However, what if the Patriots have another down year in 2021, and Kraft makes a change at head coach? That still remains to be seen but worth debating for sure.