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Tom Brady and Julian Edelman’s Top Moments As Patriots! Definitely Two All Time Great Patriots

Tom Brady and Julian Edelman’s Top Moments As Patriots! Definitely Two All Time Great Patriots

Julian Edelman was Brady’s go-to target just like Troy Brown, Deion Branch, and Wes Welker. Edelman was a slot receiver that could always get open and trusted Brady to get him the ball. There were many good traits about Edelman’s and Brady’s chemistry on and off the field. The biggest one was Edelman made the big plays when it mattered the most. He proved that in the playoffs and the Super Bowls. He even was a Super Bowl MVP. Here are my top moments from Brady and Edelman


3. 2019 AFC Championship Game: Julian Edelman The Motivator


One thing Edelman had was giving Brady motivation. Whether they were winning or losing. A good example of that was the 2019 AFC Championship Game when the Patriots were in Kansas City taking on the Chiefs. Right before halftime, Brady threw a touchdown pass to Phillip Dorsett. On the sideline, Edelman gave Brady some words of encouragement to get him fired up. ‘You’re too [expletive] old!’ Edelman shouted at Tom. However, he knew Brady and the Patriots worked the best when people doubted them. What Edelman did on the sideline fired Brady up and led the Patriots to their sixth Super Bowl title.

2. Super Bowl LIII: Julian Edelman Super Bowl MVP

And finally: Patriots-Rams Super Bowl LIII

Julian Edelman: 10 catches (12 targets) for 141 yards and he became the 7th WR to win the Super Bowl MVP (2nd Pats receiver to win it joining Deion Branch SB39)

8 of Edelman’s 10 catches went for first downs!

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The Patriots Vs. Rams in Super Bowl LIII will go down as the last one for the Patriots Dynasty. It also was the last one for Brady and Edelman together. What made that night special was the fact it was a defensive effort for the Patriots and stopping the Rams offense. What also made it special was Edelman was the Super Bowl MVP. He finished the game with 10 catches and 141 yards in the win. He even scored the Patriot’s only touchdown that night. It was a special moment for him and the team. Both Edelman and Brady spoke after the game saying

“[It’s] pretty surreal. Tough times don’t last. Tough people do,” Edelman said. “I preach that. … I have to try to live to that.”

“He played the best game of the year,” Brady said. “He’s a fighter. I’m just so proud of him. He’s been an incredible player for this team. I did feel like after that game that the Patriots Dynasty was coming to an end.

1. Super Bowl LI: Julian Edelman’s Catch

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Of course the best moment of Tom Brady and Julian Edelman’s career was the catch in Super Bowl LI. The Patriots were on their way to a comeback down 28-3 led by Brady. However, Edelman’s terrific catch really shifted that game into the Patriots favor. Brady knew only Edelman could make that play in the biggest moment of the season. Brady trusted him and he made the greatest catch in Super Bowl history. Yes, even better than the helmet catch by David Tyree. The Falcons blew a 28-3 lead and ended up losing the game. Julian Edelman and Brady said after the game

“I knew I had a good feel on it,” Julian Edelman said “I didn’t know if a piece of the ball was touching. I don’t know what the dang rule is. No one knows what the rule is. I am pretty sure I caught it.”

“I thought it was really close to getting picked,” Brady said. “So like, I’m always looking, like, when I think the DB is going to turn his head. And I knew he was going to turn his head quick, based on where he was, so I tried to throw it really quick before he could get his head around. And then he was just late enough to get his hands on the ball to deflect it, and then still, how Julian caught it is unbelievable.”

Brady And Julian Edelman’s Play Was Unmatched

I’m going to miss the constant winning and going to Super Bowls. It was a great ride that lasted two decades. Now, that the Patriots Dynasty is over, we can look back at the great memories in Patriots history. Brought on by the greatest quarterback of all time and one of the greatest receivers in Patriots history. Looking forward to the day when Brady and Edelman are in the Patriots Hall Of Fame together.

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