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Toddler was Falling From 12th Storey Balcony, and than this man did something that you would do!

A delivery guy in Vietnam is a hero because he managed to save a toddler who fell from a 12th-floor balcony.
The event happened on February 28.

Nguyen Ngoc Manh waited for his customer from an apartment in Hanoi high-rise building to deliver the order.
While he was sitting in his truck, he heard a child crying, and a woman was screaming above his head.

In the beginning, Nguyen thought it was just another mental breakdown on the streets. But this was not true!
On the 12th floor balcony, a little girl was stumbling on the edge. The driver saw what was happening and tried to help.

The delivery guy is the father of two children. He felt the responsibility to help. Manh climbed up to the 6 feet wall where the toddler was stumbling.

Nguyen Ngoc Manh gave his statement for Anninhthudo.
‘Immediately, I jumped out of the car, trying to climb the wall to the building next door. I climbed to the roof about two meters high to find a way to support her. The corrugated iron roof is the roof of a path leading down to the parking area, so it is inclined.’

Many reporters asked his statement, and for VN Express International, he stated:

‘I scaled the wall and saw that she could fall onto the metallic roof of the house used to store electric generators for the complex, so I tried to climb on top of it. I made it but couldn’t stand firmly as the roof was crooked.’

As the little girl was falling, Manh suddenly slipped, but still, he managed to catch her.

‘Lucky, the baby fell into my hand, the two of them fell down, and the metal roof was sinking. I hurriedly hugged the baby, saw blood flowing from her mouth. I was very scared.’

Mahn depicted the little girl like his child. When he saw into her eyes, he was confused.
What is weird here is that the toddler wasn’t crying when he saved her.

After the doctor checked the little girl, he said that she had a dislocated hip, but nothing more.
Manh twisted his arms during the incident, but nothing more. Once he saved the girl, he went home to see his children.

‘Only when hugging my child in my lap did I ease my fear, my daughter is the same age as her,’

Manh’s human act was shared worldwide, and many people called him a hero and donated money!

To these epithets, Manh said:

‘I don’t see myself as a hero. I just want to do good… some have sent me money via my phone number. This disorientates me. I don’t want to receive any money I haven’t earned by myself.’