TikTok star laughs off trolls who hate ‘catfish’ makeovers


A British influencer identified for her glamorous look has been attacked by nasty trolls after revealing what she actually seems like with out make-up.

Jordyn Lyne, 22, boasts greater than 670,000 followers on TikTok, the place she ceaselessly shares tutorials that includes her favourite beauty merchandise.

But the star was just lately bombarded with merciless feedback from critics after she confirmed off her pure look in a video viewed more than 26 million times.

One consumer even in contrast Lyne to Miss Trunchbull — the notoriously unattractive villain from the 1996 kids’s film “Matilda.”

However, Lyne is laughing off her haters, describing herself as a “proud catfish” in an interview with Caters News Agency.

“Everyone looks different without their makeup on!” the wonder declared. “There would be no point in wearing makeup and spending time getting ready if it didn’t make us look any different.”

Lyne — who is transgender — began her TikTok account again in 2020 after she transitioned.

Glamorous: Lyne started experimenting with make-up after she transitioned and shortly gained greater than a half-million TikTok followers.
@jordynlyne / CATERS NEWS
One merciless troll even in contrast Lyne to Miss Trunchbull — the nasty college principal from the film “Matilda.”
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Lyne is seen with out make-up. Despite nasty feedback, she is now sharing extra movies of her pure look in a bid to encourage others within the trans neighborhood.
@jordynlyne / CATERS NEWS

She mentioned make-up grew to become an necessary a part of her identification and self-expression.

“I love that I can make myself look so dramatically different by just using makeup,” the TikToker enthused. “It’s so much fun to play around and see what I can create.”

The influencer by no means anticipated she’d achieve tons of of hundreds of followers on TikTok and mentioned she now believes it’s necessary to indicate her actual look with a purpose to encourage different trans folks.

“Exposing myself without makeup on social media can be really scary,” Lyne said. “I hate my facial hair, so showing myself with it makes me very vulnerable but … it can also help normalize facial hair and masculine features for the trans community.”

Defiant Lyne has now been sharing extra movies with out make-up, regardless of being attacked even additional.

Glam: Lyne shares make-up tutorials on her common TikTok web page.
@jordynlyne / CATERS NEWS
The proud catfish mentioned there’s nothing incorrect with rocking a full face of make-up.
@jordynlyne / CATERS NEWS

“I’ve been told that my catfish transformations are the reason that people should take girls swimming on the first date,” she instructed Caters. “Some of the comments really make me laugh.”

However, Lyne mentioned there may be nothing incorrect with rocking a full face of make-up and sees it as a type of artistry.

“Whether I am in full glam or fresh-faced without any makeup, I still feel confident no matter what,” she declared. “But I just enjoy the process of doing lots of makeup and see what a difference it makes.”