Three Ups And Three Downs From Sunday’s Patriots Game


Three Ups And Three Downs From Sunday’s Patriots Game

There is no excuse for the Patriots loss on Sunday. They definitely beat themselves. Between the bad penalties, and turnovers it was a lot of sloppy play on their part.  There were, however, some ups from the game as well as downs. I will list the three up’s and three down’s below from yesterday’s game.


3. Damien Harris

Damien Harris had a decent game despite the fumble in the fourth quarter. He rushed for 100 yards with 23 carries. He found holes to get through and broke free a few times.

2. Nelson Agholor

Agholor made a nice impression in Sunday’s win. Agholor had five receptions, for 72 yards and one touchdown. He had some nice catches from quarterback Mac Jones over the middle as well. He spoke after the game about the loss

“Yes, but I just think because of how we work and our mentality, we have excitement because we know how hard we will work tomorrow and watch the tapes in a manner that will allow us to progress into next week. A game like this isn’t something that will send us in the wrong direction, it is going to send us in a positive direction.”

1. Mac Jones

Jones was the best quarterback on the field on Sunday. His quick releases and being able to do well under pressure were impressive. He had a nice throw down the sideline to James White for a big gain. He also completed 74% of his throws which according to Stathead, is the best mark among rookie QBs. The future is bright for Mac Jones and the Patriots. Jones said this after the game about his performance.

“I think we can get better. That’s just how we have to look at it. Definitely wasn’t good enough, starting with me. So we’ve got to watch the film. We lost, so it’s not good enough.”


3. Rhamondre Stevenson

Rookie running back Stevenson had a rough time in his season debut. He fumbled early in the first quarter and we didn’t see him much after that. Belichick hates bad ball security and players will see the bench if it keeps happening.

2. Patriots’ defense

The defense as a whole played poorly the whole game. They let the Dolphins go right down the field at the beginning of the game and score. The Dolphins also scored on the first possession of the second half. Not a great look after everything they invested on the defense during free agency. They have to play better. Linebacker Matt Judon spoke after the game about the performance of the defense.

“We’ll look at it on film. We didn’t do enough to win the game and to affect the game. We’re going to look at it on film and see what we can do better and what we can improve on.”

  1. Patriots offensive line

The Patriot’s offensive line has to do a better job protecting Mac Jones. The loss of Trent Brown early in the game cost them. Jones did a great job stepping in to the pressure and finding the open receiver. However, the O-line needs to protect him to give Jones more time to make the right play.

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