They have been divorced for more than 20 years, then his ex-wife did this amazing thing to save his life


Mary Ziegler and Bill Henrichs from Minnesota were married for 22 years. But now they have been divorced for more than 20 years. When the decision for the divorce was made, they made a commitment not to do those bad divorce things to each other and their kids. And that’s what happened.

“I always say that Bill never left our family, but his wife Linda joined it,” Ziegler added. “I consider Linda a gift to my kids and me, and to Bill, and one of the best things that ever happened to all of us.”

Mr. Henrichs was having some health issues for a while, but he was not able to solve the issue despite the will of many people. He had kidney failure and a few people tried to help him with donating their kidney, but they were either not healthy enough to donate or not a close enough match.

After some time, his ex-wife decided to make some test to check if her kidney is compatible. And those tests ended up positive. It’s like the universe wanted me to be his life savior she later said.

“One of our issues when we were married is I’m super-athletic and into health and fitness and wellness and this guy wasn’t,” Ziegler said. “So I was going to remind you… Aren’t you glad?”

The surgery went well and now both of them are in good shape. In three weeks from the surgery, they both started going to work.

“I would do this anytime for my ex-husband, but what really amazes me are the people donating their kidneys to complete strangers.” – Ziegler said.