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The top bidder for Tribune newspapers is an influential generous donor

Mr. Wise, who has pledged to donate half his money to the charity, has given hundreds of crores to environmental and conservation causes. Through his foundation, he has gradually increased his donations to groups that promote abortion rights, increasing the minimum wage, and other progressive causes.

He became a club of democracy donors, a club of liberal donors, as well as the board of the Center for American Progress, a Washington think tank that made its debut with the support of Democracy Alliance donors. According to the tax filing, the think tank and its sister political group have received more than $ 6.1 million from the foundation associated with Mr. Wise.

Mr. Podesta, founder of the Center for American Progress, also advises the Wyss Foundation, with The Hub Project’s executive director, Arkadi Garnery, a former Center for American Progress official, advising hiring according to people’s knowledge. the arrangement.

The Hub project stemmed from the idea that Democrats should be more effective in articulating their arguments through the news media and directly to voters. Its business PlanIn 2015 a 21-page document for the Wyss Foundation was produced, recommending that the group be “initially funded by the Wyss Foundation” and that the public debate “to work behind the scenes” And the policy positions of the core have to be shifted decision-makers. ” The plan said the Hub project “is not intended for the public face of the campaign.”

The Hub Project is part of an OPEC network managed by Arabella Advisors, a Washington consulting firm that has funded hundreds of millions of dollars through a daisy chain of groups supporting Democrats and the progressive cause. The system of political financing, often obscuring the identity of donors, is known as black money, and Arabella’s network is a leading vehicle for this on the left.

Arabella network has similarities Coach operation. Democrats have long criticized coaches and others who have engaged in somewhat difficult political spending in the 2010 Citizens United case from the Supreme Court’s ruling.

Arabella’s money flows through four nonprofits, which serve as the basic structure for several groups, including The Hub Project. The non-beneficiary then transfers some funds to other non-profit groups or Super PACs.