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Then: Reba Hart

Reba Nell Hart is a single mother recently divorced from a dentist, Brock Hart. She is the star of the show and her no-nonsense, wise-cracking ways drove ratings.

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Now: Reba McEntire (Or Just “Reebs”)

She’s Reba! The television series and its eventual cancelation didn’t slow McEntire’s music career. While she’s not getting rewarded with radio airplay, the Hall of Famer keeps creating great albums while she maintains a high profile as host of shows like the ACM Awards.

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Then: Barbara Jean Booker Hart

Barbara Jean was a stereotypical dumb blonde, but her big heart and affection for Reba — despite being the one who broke up the marriage — was charming. The new Mrs. Hart found out she was pregnant on early on during the series. She remained on the show to the end.

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Now: Melissa Peterman

Peterman and McEntire remain very good friends, with the actress and comedian often appearing during specials like the ACM Awards. They’re a peanut butter and jelly kind of duo, but on her own Peterman has been very successful. Most notably, for six seasons she starred as Bonnie, the mother on Baby Daddy on ABC Family.

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Then: Brock Hart

Reba’s ex-husband is Brock Hart, a dentist who has an affair with his hygienist. The tension between the two ex-lovers was both relatable and a great source of comedy.

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Now: Christopher Rich

Unlike many of the stars of Reba, Hart had TV experience prior to the show and he kept trucking after it was canceled. He divorced in real life, as well. In this picture he’s seen with wife Eva Halina Rich. They were married in 2003.

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Then: Jake Hart

Jake was the sensible little kid on the show while his older siblings and parents often acted very un-adultlike. His role grew as the show went on.

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Now: Mitch Holleman

Holleman has had a few Hollywood roles since Reba ended in 2007, including that of “Max” in the movie The Hangover (2009). We don’t remember who Max was, either, but the kid is only 24 today so his future is still bright.

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Then: Van Montgomery

Van Montgomery matched wits with Barbara Jean on the show. He got Reba’s daughter pregnant and later moved in with the family when he was thrown out of his own house. The show’s star and the football player become very close.

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Now: Steve Howey

Howey burst out of any notion of typecasting after wrapping the show. These days he’s anything but a dolt, with his best role post-show being as Kevin in Shameless since 2011. He’s now married to actress Sarah Shahi and together the couple have three kids.

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Then: Cheyenne Hart (Eventually Montgomery)

As a character, Cheyenne enjoyed the largest arc. She gets pregnant as a senior in high school, marries, tries to become a dentist, realizes she’s an alcoholic and decides to help others with addiction by the end. While at times selfish, fans grew to love the big, caring heart beneath the surface.

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Now: Joanna Garcia Swisher

Joanna Garcia added the Swisher when she married MLB star Nick Swisher in 2010, but she’s also remained very busy in film and television, starring as the lead role in two-short lived programs and earning recurring roles on several others. Most recently she was on Kevin (Probably) Saves the World on ABC.

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Then: Kyra Hart

Reba’s second daughter Kyra has a quick wit like her mother, which is a great source of humor and perhaps some hurt feelings. The middle child is also a child with challenges, and she disappeared completely for most of the fifth season. There was a real-life reason for that …

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Then: Scarlett Pomers

Reba was Pomers’ last television role, but she tried music as frontwoman for the Scarlett Pomers Band for awhile after the show (the Facebook page was last updated in 2014). Sadly she battled an eating disorder while on the show. The depth of her battle with anorexia came out only after the show was through. It’s something she was treated for when she was 16.

Reba aired on the WB network (which became the CW) from Oct. 5, 2001 until 2007, when it was canceled at the end of its sixth season. The sitcom set a new all-time WB viewership record for any program in the Friday night slot and averaged more than 3.6 million viewers each week; McEntire earned a People’s Choice Award in 2002, for Favorite Female Performer in a New Television Series, for her role in the series.

McEntire returned to the small screen in 2012 for a new sitcom, Malibu Country, which aired on ABC but was canceled after only one season. In 2015, Reba began airing in syndication on TV Land, and the show’s titular leading lady has said she’s all in to reboot the show — but it won’t be happening anytime soon.

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