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The New Era Patriots Begins Now

The New Era Patriots Begins Now

The Patriots made a huge roster cut Tuesday releasing Cam Newton. After not being able to follow COVID protocol that was the last straw for Belichick. Mac Jones won the job and will be the starter in Week 1 against the Miami Dolphins. What a great day to be a Patriots fan, the Cam Newton experiment is now over and the air apparent to Tom Brady Mac Jones will get his chance.

Let’s face it Newton and Jones run two different offensive styles. Newton is more of a runner while Jones is more of a pocket passer like they’ve been used to for two decades. The question is when did Belichick make the decision that Jones would win the job over Newton? The answer in my opinion is last week during joint practices. Those practices with the Giants Jones shined while Newton missed practice on Wednesday. Newton still got the start in the last preseason game but Jones won the job regardless at the point. I also think Robert Kraft and the coaches had something to do with it. I think Kraft especially made sure that Jones would start and made that clear to Belichick. The reason I think that is because Kraft is the one that wanted Jones at pick 15 and made sure Belichick took him.

Jun 10, 2021; Foxborough, MA, USA; New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones (50) talks to offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels during OTAs at the New England Patriots practice complex. Mandatory Credit: Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports

Even though Belichick didn’t admit Newton missing last week due to a misunderstanding of COVID protocol had anything to do with his release, it did. Why? Because we got to see Jones step in taking over and win the job. Long term it’s better if they go with Jones. We don’t know if it will work out or not. 20 years ago we weren’t sure if a sixth-round pick would ever work out at quarterback. Jones will never be Brady but he is the heir apparent to him. Jones handles himself with pure class. I’m excited about what’s to come.

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