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The New England Patriots Season Kicks Off Sunday

The New England Patriots Season Kicks Off Sunday

The New England Patriots season will kick off Sunday against the Miami Dolphins. The Patriots are a different team than they were a year ago when they opened the season against the Dolphins. Mac Jones is the starting quarterback, Kyle Van Noy is back, and they have new receivers and tight ends. It’s a new beginning for the Patriots post-Tom Brady and it’s fascinating to see it unfold. What are the things to watch out for on Sunday? For starters, let’s see how Mac Jones does in his NFL debut. How does he connect with the receivers and tight ends? Those questions and more will be answered on Sunday.

Patriots Looking Ahead To Sunday’s Matchup With The Dolphins

First, let’s face it Offensive Coordinator Josh McDaniels has the quarterback he wanted to start the season. Mac Jones is the pocket passer they’ve been used to for 20 seasons. Cam Newton wasn’t even close to that and failed to grasp the playbook last year. It’s clear Belichick wanted Newton to start the season but clearly, Jones outperformed him in training camp and the preseason. Newton missing those five days of practice didn’t help him either. Belichick did say this morning it does benefit the team if they are all vaccinated. Newton not being vaccinated had to be a reason he was cut.

McDaniels spoke last week on how Mac Jones won the job.

“He’s been well-prepared each day to come in and do the things we ask our guys to do,” McDaniels said of his young quarterback. Mac learned how to operate what we’ve asked him to operate so far fairly well. He’s improved, and he continues to make progress. He’s generally taking care of the football, and he’s given the other 10 guys on the field an opportunity to do their job effectively and produce positive plays.”

As the Patriots prepare for Sunday’s matchup with the Dolphins, it will be interesting to see how Jones creates chemistry with his teammates. I want to see how he does in the passing game with the first-string defensive line for the Dolphins. He struggled with the first-string defensive line for the Giants in the last preseason game. How will Hunter Henry, and Jonnu Smith be a factor in the game? Also could be used for blocking to help the run game. Lastly, I believe the Patriots win this game 24-20.

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