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The Morning After:Even NASA’s Mars drone needs software updates

Anyone who has ever brought a drone knows that after it comes out of the box, the first thing you do is install a ton of software updates. It turns out that things work the same way when you are at NASA, and the drone is a helicopter, preparing to fly from you 174 million miles from Mars.

Issues during a rotor test alerted the Ingenuity team to a problem with the command sequence, and to address it, they would put a patch on it and upload it to the craft over the next few days. This means waiting longer before its final first test flight, but given the stakes, it makes sense to do everything necessary to avoid any kind of accident.

– Richard Lawler

Its next-gen car chip is coming in 2025.


NVIDIA’s GTC conference revealed the sexiest of all graphics announcements: data center CPUs. Grace has integrated NVIDIA’s latest GPUs with ARM’s Neoverse core, and while I may be joking around, this is the company’s very ARM-based solution, which would have met any requirement of Intel is.

NVIDIA has also announced that MediaXTech has been announced to bring RMX graphics to an expanded pro-level version of its Ampere video card for ARM-based chips and workstations. Finally, the company teased Atlante, its next-generation drive chip for cars. The slate, chip for 2025, NVIDIA claims, will deliver 1,000 trillion operations per second of performance. continue reading.

And a smart speaker with an iPad screen.

the morning after


Apple recently killed its original HomePod speaker, and Apple TV is due for an update. Now, according to Bloomberg Rumored, the company is considering combining the two products to make Apple TV boxes with HomePod speakers and cameras for making video calls.

Looking at the details, the device sounds like a soundbar that accelerates the line between a stop streambar (better audio for cord-cutters) and Facebook’s portal TV, which gives your set a huge video- Changes the chat screen effectively. Meanwhile, another product allegedly in development is a high-end speaker featuring an iPad for display, the Echo Show 10-style. continue reading.

Crowdsourced data can tell regulators where things are fast and where they are slow.

The FCC has one, but under this, it is asking that more Americans download and use the software (which you can get And ) Belongs to. By doing this, the agency says that you will help collect more accurate information on broadband Internet speed and availability across the US. In turn, this information will help direct its policies. continue reading.

It announced the project two years ago.

the morning after

Of dominoes

Domino’s says that this R2 is the first fully self-driving, on-road delivery vehicle to receive regulatory approval from the Department of Transportation. On certain days and times, those who order from Domino’s location in Houston’s Woodland Heights neighborhood may choose R2 to distribute their food. They can track R2’s location via text alert or on an order confirmation page. Domino’s will provide customers with a PIN, which they can punch on R2’s touchscreen to retrieve their order. continue reading.

Microsoft will acquire speech-tech giant for $ 19.7 billion

The company says the deal will advance its AI and healthcare efforts.

The rumors were true – on Monday, Microsoft announced that it had entered into an agreement to purchase Nuance Communications for approximately $ 19.7 billion. In the announcement, Microsoft singled out Microsoft Cloud as a segment specifically for healthcare that would benefit, as well as other cloud and AI-linked operations.

In a statement, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said, “Nunes Healthcare provides the AI ​​layer on point of delivery and Enterprise is a leader in real-world application of AI.” Nuance has a long history of developing voice control and previously provided a speech-recognition engine for Siri. continue reading.

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