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The Morning After: Both Apple and Samsung have launched events planned for April

On April 20, Apple has confirmed its next big event. And then, because tech companies have always been this way, Samsung announced an event on April 28 for the “most powerful Galaxy” to come.


Given that Samsung has already launched arguably many more and this year, we may see yet another phone, foldable type, or perhaps even a laptop powered by Exynos chips. Either can complete the abbreviation of being the “Most Powerful Galaxy”.

Back to Apple, and with the new Macs powered by Apple Silicon, we’re looking forward to the updated iMac for 2021 and iPads with notable notable bumps across the board. Crazier bets for a refresh: a new iPad mini, the same since 2012.

– Matt Smith

Now external USB drives can also store PS5 games.

the morning after


PlayStation 5 is getting its first significant software update since the console launched, and the 900MB download has many new features. The one that will be most relevant is the new ability to put PS5 games into “cold storage” on external drives. The system is still not ready to allow gamers to add their M.2 extension SSDs, and for now you can only play PS5 games if they are installed on its internal storage. But if you want to free up some space later without re-downloading a title, at least you can transfer it to an external drive, and even download them when the update is released. Huh.

Talking about game updates, gamers will be able to preload the update before the game is officially released. Obligation With their massive patches that can take hours to download and install.

And since not everyone has a PS5, you’ll now be able to use game share with friends on the PS4, while a tweaked game base makes it easy to keep pace with your parties and friends. Improvements are also coming for the PlayStation app, and gamers will be able to use it to manage storage on the PS5 and more, joining the multiplayer session within the next few weeks. continue reading.

And Roku OS 10 adds Apple features to its HD streaming box.

Meet the $ 40 Roku Express 4K +. It looks very similar to the company’s previous Express devices, but now it can eventually withstand more than HD content. This is HDR 10, HDR 10+, dual-band WiFi and micro-USB Ethernet adapters (there is no Ethernet jack, unfortunately). It’s $ 5 more than Roku’s Premier Box (which is now being phased out), but that device was stuck with Roku’s most basic remote. Express 4K +, on the other hand, comes with the company’s more powerful voice remote, which allows you to speak your search queries.

If you want something good to control your Roku device, the $ 30 Voice Remote Pro offers hands-free voice commands and a built-in rechargeable battery. Assuming you leave the mic (it can be set for push-to-talk mode for privacy), you can only say “Hey Roku, where’s my remote?” You can find your lost remote by saying. And waiting for its beep. This feature can be worth $ 30.

Separately, the company announced Roku OS 10. It adds AirPlay and HomeKit support on lower-end Roku HD hardware, faster app launches on Roku TVs with instant resumes, HDR10 + support, and automatic game console configurations. continue reading.

Now it will alert the entrants to those servers.

On Monday, the Justice Department revealed an operation by the FBI where agents hacked into Microsoft Exchange servers across the US to remove web shells installed by attackers. While Microsoft’s patches helped reduce the exploits of groups such as the Hafnium team, from its links with China, the Feds said that many servers still host attackers installed in them. Using the attackers’ logins, agents accessed the shells and sent a command, allowing them to self-delete. All this happened, apparently, otherwise without changes to the operating server or even without patching the problem if the updates were not already installed.

A court order authorizing the operation also allowed them to keep it a secret, and now only to tell the FBI liaison server administrators what they had done. continue reading.

Reasonably priced, but unfinished and backward.

OnePlus’ first smartwatch features killer battery life, a reasonable $ 159 price, and a companion flagship phone to the company’s latest OnePlus 9 Pro. But boys, a lot of this stuff goes wrong. Review editor Cherlin Low struggles with the fit of the watch, the unique app, and features that are severely lacking compared to the wearable competition. continue reading.

But not much has changed.

the morning after


It has been more than a year since Microsoft announced the Surface Laptop 3, and despite the extended wait, the Surface Laptop 4 continues the line’s tradition, well, kind of basic. Other Surface devices have neither earth-shattering design changes, nor variable features, but there are 11th-gen Intel chips to look forward to, as well as the introduction of the AMD Ryzen processor on the 13.5-inch line. This is largely an internal update. continue reading.

It also placed a team button on a pair of Surface headphones.

To coincide with its new Surface Laptop 4, Microsoft has announced four new ““Accessories, including almost the first webcam in a decade. There are also two headsets for business and a USB-C speaker, possibly more for conference calls than your latest Spotify playlist. Its “modern webcam” provides 1080p video at 30 fps with support for HDR. This includes fixed lighting adjustments and autofocus. The webcam launched in June for $ 70. continue reading.

$ 300 for the privilege.

the morning after


Dell is updating its XPS 13 laptop to add OLED displays to the mix. Starting today, you can pay an extra $ 300 at the price of a Full HD model to configure a new XPS 13 with 3,456 x 2,160 OLED panels with a 100,000: 1 contrast ratio and 100 percent DCI-P3 wide color gametrack coverage is. More recently, it’s with Intel’s 11th generation, so now may be the time to hit upon Dell’s popular laptop series. continue reading.

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