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The Fed warned against using peloton treadmills after the child’s death

According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, homes with children and small pets should immediately stop using Peloton Interactive’s Trade + Tridmills, which is investigating a child’s death and dozens of other incidents involving exercise equipment.

Immediate warning from federal agency comes after one month Peloton urges people to keep children and pets away From the device of one of his tread + treadmill after the death of a child in an accident.

The CPSC released a disturbing video of a child who was momentarily trapped under a Tread + to demonstrate its danger to children.

Peloton Trader + Treadmill Safety Incident By
US Consumer Product Safety Commission On

The agency said in a news release on Saturday, the CPSC is aware of 39 incidents, including one death, and “Peloton Trad + believes that children are at serious risk of friction, fracture and death.” “CPSC urges consumers with children at home to immediately stop using the product, citing numerous reports of children being trapped, fumbling and pulling under the rear roller of the product.”

At least one case occurred when a parent was running on a treadmill, “suggesting that the danger cannot be avoided by locking the device when using the device,” the agency Having said. The CPSC stated that reports of a pet and objects being idle under the machine also suggest potential harm to the exercising person as they may lose their balance.

Peloton CEO John Foley last month urged people to keep children and pets away from its exercise equipment. “I recently found out about a tragic accident involving a child and Trad +, resulting in, inexplicably, a death,” Foley Having said.

In addition to keeping children and animals away from the device, Foley insisted on keeping the device’s safety keys out of easy reach when not in use. The Tread + costs $ 4,295 and is designed for those weighing more than 105 pounds and those over the age of 16.

The bike best known for its home-workout bike is with a screen that allows users to watch live or videotaped classes while cycling, the peloton introduced Tread + in 2018 and said it was an introduction Will give. A low-priced version to ship in May for $ 2,495.

According to the latest available CPSC, injuries related to exercise equipment send more than 7,000,000 people to US hospital emergency rooms in 2019, including t-thousand treadmill-related injuries in children under related years. The data.

The peloton recalled in October that about 27,000 bikes could replace pedals sold around the country that could break and bite riders’ feet. The company said it received 120 reports of paddle breaking with injuries in 16 cases.

In a follow-up blog on Sunday, Foley said the company was collaborating with the CPSC, but did not specifically discard the personally identifiable information of the requesting members.

“I think some members have asked to preserve their information to avoid personal attacks, such as we’ve seen in response to the Tread + incidents that the CPSC promoted yesterday. Our hearts go out to such members Are those who have had an incident in which a child. Or pet was injured and who want their privacy at this time, “Foley wrote.

In addition, the peloton has no plans to stop selling or recalling Trade +, which he reiterated “is safe when our warnings and safety instructions are followed.”