Texas Grid Failure Stirs Feud Between Cities and State


Still, distinguished Republicans like Mr. Perry, the previous Texas governor and vitality secretary within the Trump administration, have blamed renewables. In a blog post on the web page of Representative Kevin McCarthy, the minority chief within the U.S. House of Representatives, Mr. Perry sought to warn Democrats towards making an attempt to introduce better oversight of the electrical energy business.

“Texans would be without electricity for longer than three days to keep the federal government out of their business,” Mr. Perry mentioned.

Beyond arguing over vitality sources, Mr. Abbott, who succeeded Mr. Perry in 2014, was already on the defensive over complaints by Democrats and even some Republicans over the insular approach during which he names folks to state boards and commissions. Legislation aiming to place an finish to the governor’s so-called pay-for-play nominations for donors has did not advance within the Republican-controlled chambers.

Mr. Abbott appointed all three of the commissioners on the Public Utility Commission of Texas that oversees ERCOT. As for ERCOT itself, the leader of its board doesn’t reside in Texas however in Michigan; its vice-chair is a professor who lives in California and teaches at a college in Germany.

“No one should be pretending that the cause of this catastrophe is some mysterious entity that is somehow detached from state government,” mentioned Representative Chris Turner, chief of the 67 Democrats within the Texas House. “This entire episode represents a catastrophic failure of leadership.”

Still, even some Republicans who’ve demanded solutions in regards to the electrical energy disaster view issues in another way. Kel Seliger, a former mayor of Amarillo and now a member of the Texas Senate, cautioned about making drastic adjustments.

“I don’t think they planned for something that has the look of a catastrophe for a lot of people,” Mr. Seliger mentioned. “How much generation would it take and how much would it cost the taxpayers to ensure that this didn’t happen? Then you have to weigh the costs against how often do we have this kind of thing.”