Takeaways From The Patriots Win Over The Jets


Takeaways From The Patriots Win Over The Jets

Patriots beat the Jets on Sunday for their first win of the 2021 season. Mac Jones again was the better quarterback on the field for the second week in a row. Jones passed for 186 yards with no interceptions, while Zach Wilson passed for 210 yards but threw 4 interceptions. The Patriots needed to win this game as they face the Saints next Sunday and were facing an 0-3 start. But, with this win, the Patriots improved to 1-1 but have some things to fix on offense.

Patriots Red Zone Offense Needs Work

The Patriots need to score more touchdowns than field goals if they want to beat good teams. The number of chances the Patriots had the chance to score a touchdown today then ended up with 3 points. It didn’t matter because the Jets are a bad team, and Wilson was playing catch with the Patriots defenders all day. But, if that was against a good team they would’ve lost. The Patriots need to let Jones throw the ball downfield more, and in the end zone. Jones didn’t even attempt a pass in the end zone today. He’s capable of doing that and the only way for him to get better is to do it.

Where are the tight ends especially in the red zone? We saw a little more of Hunter Henry today, but overall throw him the ball in the end zone. It was late in the game and the Patriots were down on the Jets 3 yard line. They ran it three times while the Jets are in the goal line formation expecting the run. Get the tight ends involved that’s what you brought them in for.

As they look ahead to next week and the Saints, they are a better team than the Jets and I’m not sure they can beat them with just kicking field goals. I think the offense will improve each week and we’ll see it open up more especially in the red zone.

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