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Tom Brady

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Did We Forget Rob Gronkowski Dented A Super Bowl Trophy?

Tom Brady won his 7th Super Bowl, people are mad about it, and that's awesome. Tom Brady celebrated like no other Super Bowl celebration...

Nick Wright thinks it is debatable if Mahomes or Brady is more experienced

Nick Wright of Fox Sports is at it again with an intriguing opinion. On FS1's morning show, "First Things First", he gave interesting insight...

Tom Brady Sr. Takes a Victory Lap

Tom Brady’s decision to leave New England was certainly a heavy blow to the region, unknowing that a disappointing 2019 campaign would be followed...

Patriots Fans Should Be Rooting For Brady In Super Bowl

With Tom Brady in the Super Bowl Patriots fans should be rooting for Brady to win his seventh ring. First, if the Chiefs win...

Super Bowl 55 Proves Players Chose New England For Brady Not Belichick

Super Bowl 55 will once again have the Goat playing. Over the weekend the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated the Green Bay Packers 31-26. Tom...

Brady Won Over Belichick

It's over Tom Brady already the GOAT has succeeded on who was more important. What we have learned about the NFL that it's...
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