Super Bowl 55 Proves Players Chose New England For Brady Not Belichick


Super Bowl 55 will once again have the Goat playing. Over the weekend the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated the Green Bay Packers 31-26. Tom Brady is now on to his 10th Super Bowl. His first time to a Super Bowl in something other than a Patriots jersey. And if this appearance proved anything, it proved players rather Brady than Belichick. 

Super Bowl 55 Will Have Brady & Gronk

Super Bowl 51 will consist of Gronk and hopefully a Gornk spike!
Bucs Wire – USA Today

Earlier In the week former Jets coach Rex Ryan made had his opinion, “No one went to New England for Bill Belichick, just for Tom Brady.” That assumption has proven to be not only fair but true. Dating back to before the season started. Future Hall of Fame tight end Rob Gronkowski announced he was coming out of retirement to play with Brady in Tampa. News swirled all over networks. This season shows Gronkowski is past his prime but effective as a tight end. 

Nonetheless, as a former Patriots, Gronk decided to play with none other than Brady. Could it be the reason for his retirement was because of Belichick? The world may never hear those words come out of Gronks mouth. But they don’t have to. And if the tight end isn’t enough evidence, there’s more. 

Other Former New England Players

Antonio Brown was another receiver who played one game in a Patriots uniform. Brady wanted Brown on the team so much that he allowed him to sleep in his house. Be mindful, this was also during his sexual assault allegations. However, it was clear that Brady wanted Brown there desperately. Brady made the persuasion for Brown to be there, it wasn’t Belichick. Once Brown left, Brady was back with no offensive weapons to lean on. 

Now looking forward to this year. A plethora of Patriots players decided to opt-out of playing this season. Due to the pandemic that appeared to be an acceptable excuse. Acceptable enough to go undetected to the media. However, with Brady being gone, and the ‘Patriot way’ being the way that it is, it may have persuaded guys. With no Brady-Belichick duo, there’s no guaranteed success. No guarantee playoff seed. And with no perfected formula at the helm, players may have used that as a reason as well. 

Even long time New England receiver Julian Edelman missed most of the season due to injury. But being the type of player that he is, a guy who fights through injuries, it was weird to see him miss games. Maybe him missing a guy who was his former quarterback and buddy for his entire career played a role. 

Of course, this is all speculation, but after Brady won his first NFC championship, the conversation needs to be had. Super Bowl 55 having Brady in it seems almost a norm. The sport shows will most likely eat this story up for the next two weeks.