Stunning New Video Shows Rover Perseverance’s Landing on Mars – NBC Los Angeles


Stunning video launched Monday exhibits the high-drama descent of the rover Perseverance from a number of angles because it streaks towards the floor of Mars earlier than a mild landing. 

NASA geared up the spacecraft with a report 25 cameras and two microphones, lots of which had been turned on throughout Thursday’s descent. The cameras had been industrial, off-the-shelf merchandise not particularly designed to be used on Mars.

NASA beforehand launched a photograph of its latest rover being lowered onto the dusty pink floor. The first high-resolution video launched Monday begins simply earlier than the spacecraft deploys its parachute, one in all a number of steps throughout the notorious seven minutes of terror that resolve the success or failure of the mission.

The parachute is a part of a system that slows the spacecraft from about 12,000 mph to human strolling tempo after its blast via the super-heated Martian environment.

The warmth defend that protected the spacecraft throughout that high-speed entry indifferent about 20 seconds after parachute deployment. The rover then used radar to find out how far it has to go to succeed in the floor and discover a secure touchdown web site.

Once the spacecraft shed its again half, together with the parachute, a jetpack system used retrorockets to information and sluggish the craft. The almost 3 1/2-minute video exhibits the Martian floor progressively getting nearer because the spacecraft slows earlier than a sky crane maneuver through which the rover was lowered by tethers hooked up to the now-detached first rate stage. 

Perseverance touched down in an historical river delta, the place it can seek for indicators of historical life and put aside probably the most promising rock samples for return to Earth in a decade. The profitable landing got here almost seven months after the Southern California-built rover left Earth. 

The automobile is wholesome, in line with officers, after touchdown on a flat, secure floor in Jezero Crater with simply 1 diploma of tilt and comparatively small rocks close by. For now, the methods nonetheless are being checked. It will probably be at the least every week earlier than the rover begins driving.

It’s the ninth time that NASA has efficiently landed on Mars — and the fifth rover.


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