Stars Who’ve Claimed They’ve Had Supernatural Encounters


They see lifeless folks, too! Many celebrities have shared some spooky supernatural tales primarily based on their encounters with the paranormal.

Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt revealed that they’d very unusual experiences whereas residing within the Playboy mansion with Hugh Hefner.

“The mansion is a home that’s very intriguing for so many reasons,” Madison, who lived there from 2001 to 2008, detailed to Nylon in August 2021. “People talk about it being haunted. There’s all these weird urban legends like trafficking tunnels. It takes on a life of its own.”

Marquardt, who lived within the mansion from 2002 to 2009, agreed that she might undoubtedly really feel “the nostalgia and the old energy” whereas residing there.

“I had little things happen,” Marquardt stated about her expertise seeing a lady standing within the doorway of her closet. “She had long, black stringy hair, very pale, very thin. She was wearing a white T-shirt that was too big on her and black acid wash-y jeans. She was more modern-day and I feel like I recognized who she was.”

The Holly’s World alum added that she tried to “rationalize” the assorted encounters for some time till she lastly accepted that this stuff would hold taking place.

“For me, it took a bunch of different experiences before I thought ‘OK, there’s something weird going on here.’ I said I wish I had more proof it was real, and right away when I said that, her TV turned on by itself and the volume went all the way up,” she detailed.

Looking again on it afterward, Madison thought-about it an indication that one thing would happen when she was trying to be alone within the mansion.

“I would go hide in that bathroom. It was the one place in the house where nobody would go, and sometimes the toilet would flush by itself, and I always thought that was kind of weird. It always came during these weird, introspective moments at the time,” she added. “I don’t know what they were trying to tell me.”

Lily Collins additionally mirrored on how she discovered herself being “woken up by flashes of images,” whereas getting ready for her position as Ted Bundy’s ex-girlfriend within the 2019 movie Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile.

“I didn’t feel scared — I felt supported,” Collins informed The Guardian in May 2019. “I felt like people were saying. ‘We’re here listening. We’re here to support. Thank you for telling the story.’”

Scroll down for extra tales about stars encountering the sudden:

Lisa Rinna

The actuality TV star defined that she believed in ghosts after a number of cases of unusual habits.

During an look on Celebrity Ghost Stories in March 2015, Rinna detailed how she used to “feel this breeze go behind me” in an outdated home that she lived in together with her husband Harry Hamlin.


Jenna Bush Hager

In 2018, Hager informed her Today cohost Hoda Kotb about feeling just like the White House was haunted when she lived there. She famous listening to “1920s piano music, as clear as day, coming out of the fireplace.”

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for The Hudson River Park Friends Playground Committee

Mike Colter

“I’m from the south and there’s a lot of things that happen in the south that don’t happen anywhere else,” Colter informed Kelly Clarkson on her discuss present in 2019.

The Luke Cage star described an incident that occurred “night after night,” which his mom defined as a spirit being drawn to his power.

“When I was a kid, I used to have this thing that was sitting on my chest when I would sleep and it was keeping me from getting up and I couldn’t open my eyes and I would struggle,” he detailed. “I couldn’t breathe very well.”

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Lily Collins

“I discovered that 3 a.m. is the time when the veil between the realms is the thinnest and one can be visited,” the actress defined to The Guardian in May 2019.

Gregory Pace/Shutterstock

Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt

“I don’t know if it’s something that follows me around,” Madison shared with Nylon in August 2021 about her historical past with the paranormal. “My house in L.A. is almost 100 years old. There’s all kinds of voices and door opening and disembodied voices. I enjoy it, though; I like the entertainment.”

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Celeb Ghost Stories: Stars Who’ve Had Supernatural Encounters

They see lifeless folks, too! These celebrities have claimed that they’ve both seen or skilled a beyond-the-grave encounter, whether or not or not it’s in a house, a rest room, or the bed room. Find out the spooky supernatural tales of stars like Jessica Alba, Kesha, Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, and extra.

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Ariana Grande

The “Bang Bang” singer had a terrifying supernatural encounter following a go to to Stull Cemetery in Kansas City, “which is known as one of the seven gates of hell on Earth.”

“I felt this sick, overwhelming feeling of negativity over the whole car and we smelled sulfur, which is the sign of a demon,” she informed Complex.

Later, “weird things” would occur to Grande when she heard “whispers” one night time in mattress, together with “disturbing images with, like, red shapes” and this “massive black matter.”

Raymond Hall/GC Images


The singer claimed she had intercourse with a ghost whereas talking to Ryan Seacrest on his KIIS FM present in September 2012.

“I had a couple experiences with the supernatural,” Kesha claimed. “I don’t know his name! He was a ghost! I’m very open to it.”

Later, she informed Rolling Stone that she needed to bear an exorcism. “I know it sounds like the most ridiculous story, but I went to my healer… and she told me that because of my job, I exude energy.”

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Emma Stone

The Amazing Spider-Man actress claimed in a July 2014 interview with David Letterman that her lifeless grandfather was haunting her and hilariously leaving her some pocket change.

“My grandfather leaves quarters. It’s just amazing,” Stone claimed. “It’s him! It’s absolutely him!” She added that she had by no means met this late relative of hers. “It’s exactly like that. It’s that… But it’s him! You guys, it’s him.”


Peter Jackson

The Hobbit director recalled a terrifying expertise from the ’90s whereas he was filming Lord of the Rings on location in New Zealand.

“One night I woke up and there was a figure in the room,” Jackson recalled to The Daily Telegraph. “She was really scary – her face was like a silent scream. She glided across the room and disappeared into the wall.”

The Hollywood mastermind informed his spouse about it the subsequent day and her response was even scarier: “She said, ‘Was it the woman with a screaming face?’ We had never spoken about it.”

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Jessica Alba

“I felt this pressure and I couldn’t get up, I couldn’t scream, I couldn’t talk, I couldn’t do anything,” the Sin City star stated at a 2008 junket for her movie The Eye. “Something definitely took the covers off me and I definitely couldn’t get off the bed, and then, once I did, I screamed, ran to my parents’ room and I don’t think I spent many nights in that house ever again.”

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Eric Bana

The actor informed Us Weekly that the crew of his 2014 horror flick, Deliver Us From Evil, skilled a haunting on set whereas taking pictures the film.

“I know for a fact the makeup, special effects team had some truly scary things occurring,” Bana informed Us. “They had a ghost in their workshop — there’s absolutely no doubt… It got to the point where some of them would slip on the floor, they could no longer sleep there, there was no chance.”

Screen Gems/Courtesy Everett Collection

Cynthia Rowley

The designer recalled a terrifying incident associated to her Greenwich, Connecticut property on Celebrity Ghost Stories.

“The feeling in the house was much more ghostlike,” she stated, including that she would see “this sort of apparition in the corner of a room” of a girl sporting a shawl over her face.

One vacation season, Rowley escaped a hearth within the residence. The native hearth chief later informed her that the lady who as soon as owned the mansion was the Diamond Match heiress “who was badly burned” in a blaze.

Kris Connor/FilmMagic

Matthew McConaughey

McConaughey was “freaked out” when he first noticed an aged feminine ghost one night time in his residence. “When I first moved in there, I had a tent and I put it up on the floor of the upstairs bedroom with my sleeping bag and my dog,” he recalled to in 2003.

That night time, he heard some unusual noises together with “a sound like a dime dropping from 10 feet off the ground onto a glass table.” The actor ran “buck naked” however could not discover the offender.

Gaz Shirley/Jennifer Buhl/

Alyson Hannigan

The Buffy the Vampire Slayer alum informed the San Francisco Gate in 2003: “I have a ghost in my house… I don’t think he died there because there’s a law in L.A. that when you buy a house, if somebody’s died there, they have to disclose that.”

Still, reasoned the actress, “He’s very friendly. My friend saw him first one night. She said, ‘I don’t mean to alarm you but I just saw a man follow us out of the house.’ And I said, ‘Well, at least he’s gentlemanly.’”

Michael Tran/FilmMagic

Susan Boyle

The “I Dreamed a Dream” singer claimed in a 2011 interview with The Sun that she’s seen her late mom’s spirit. “Her energy is still there. I’ve actually seen my mother in the house,” she informed the British tabloid. “I think she was letting me know she was all right. There was a lovely smell.”

Matt Kent/

Carrie Fisher

The Star Wars actress recalled the dying of an in depth good friend, a Republican operative named Greg Stevens, who overdosed in her mansion a few years in the past.

“Lights would go on and off, and I had this toy machine, that when you touched it would say, ‘F–k you! Eat s–t! You’re an a–hole!’” Fisher informed Vanity Fair in 2006. “And it would go off in the night, by itself, in my closet.” Eventually, Fisher’s pals organized an exorcist in the home. “And after that things were fine.”

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Gillian Anderson

The X-Files actress participated in a Reddit AMA, the place she stated she believes in an alternate universe and has even felt its presence. “I’ve definitely felt other spirits,” she stated. “I’m quite sensitive to it. And yes. But it’s not something you can really talk about with too many people, especially not me.”

D Dipasupil/Getty Images

Kate Hudson

In the particular disc set of her 2005 horror flick, The Skeleton Key, Hudson recalled a spooky supernatural story a couple of residence in London as soon as rented by her mother, Goldie Hawn.

“I’ve seen ghosts plenty of times,” Hudson stated. “I’ve seen a ghost of a woman with no face, and that was really creepy.” The actress later clarified her feedback on a U.Okay. discuss present. “[It’s] a fifth energy,” she stated. “When you see something, you are supposed to tell the energy what year it is and that they don’t belong.”

Kevin Mazur/

Miley Cyrus

The singer claimed in an interview with Elle UK that she witnessed paranormal exercise in a London house she rented in 2009.

“One night, my little sister… was standing in the shower and all of a sudden, I hear her scream,” she recalled. “I run in there and the water had somehow flipped to hot but it was still…”

Cyrus, in the meantime, stated she skilled a spooky rest room expertise herself. “I thought I had seen a little boy sitting on the sink watching me take a shower.”

Paul Drinkwater/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank through Getty Images

Keanu Reeves

The Matrix actor admitted in an interview that he skilled a supernatural encounter as a younger boy.

“I was living in New Jersey when I saw and felt this ghost,” Reeves recalled. “I remember just staring at this suit, which had no body or legs in it as it came into the room before disappearing. It was a double-breasted suit in white, and I looked at my nanny, who was just as shocked as me. I just couldn’t get back to sleep afterwards, and I still see the figure in my dreams.”

Peter Kramer/NBC/NBC NewsWire

Joan Rivers

The late comedienne informed Larry King that after transferring in to her Manhattan house, she was all the time chilly and her canine refused to enter the house.

“You felt awful and scary, and things were locked that shouldn’t be locked,” she stated. “I used to say, ‘This is stupid. This is nonsense. There’s a reason for this.’ And then at one point you’d say, ‘You cannot say that anymore. Something is going on here.’” The cause? “This lady had died in the apartment. And she just was angry.”

Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

Hillary Clinton

Washington Post political reporter Bob Woodward recalled a selected incident in his e book, The Choice, from 1995 when then-First Lady Hillary Clinton consulted the spirit of Eleanor Roosevelt.

According to Woodward, religious adviser Jean Houston was known as to the White House to assist Clinton attain out to the late girl Roosevelt, who spoke by means of the politico at one level. “‘I was misunderstood,’” Clinton stated at one level, as a conduit for Roosevelt.

Michael Kovac/; Universal History Archive/Getty Images

James Valentine

Maroon 5’s guitarist claimed he noticed a ghost within the L.A. nation residence of Harry Houdini.

“I was the only one who ever stayed there the entire time,” Valentine stated on A&E’s Private Sessions in 2008, whereas the remainder of his bandmates, together with Adam Levine, refused. “One night, I was there with my girlfriend at the time and we were about to go to bed,” he recalled. “She went upstairs.. There was a hallway that went up to the second and third floors and I saw somebody walk up… no one was there.”

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Demi Lovato

The performer recalled a terrifying episode from once they had been allegedly haunted on the Mack at Nite radio program. “I totally believe in ghosts,” Lovato stated, recollecting one horrifying incident from once they had been 8 years outdated, involving their closet.

“When I shut it,” Lovato stated on the present, “I saw a little girl. She was dressed like she was from the 1800s, and was standing in my closet.”

Debra L Rothenberg/FilmMagic

American Idol Season 10 Contestants

The American Idol season 10 home was a scary place, in keeping with contestants. James Durbin informed reporters in 2011 that he “saw something white that looked like an arm.” The singer added that he and Pia Toscano had been upstairs in the future when “the doors flew open.”

Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP


The Grammy winner moved right into a 10-bedroom, $6 million residence in Sussex, England in 2012, however the residence reportedly gave the singer an enormous scare.

According to The Sun, the performer informed a good friend her residence — which was a convent — gave her “the creeps” after she heard unusual noises. The “Someone Like You” singer reportedly employed around-the-clock safety personnel to assist her sleep at night time — in peace and security.

Gregg DeGuire/

Lady Gaga

The pop star informed Harper’s Bazaar UK that the ghost of Alexander McQueen helped her write her smash hit, “Born This Way,” after his suicide. “I think he planned the whole thing,” she stated. “Right after he died, I wrote ‘Born This Way.’ I think he’s up in heaven with fashion strings in his hands, marionetting away, planning this whole thing.”

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