Savvy Trump Supporter Just Summed Up Dire Situation For Pelosi, Schumer and Biden in One Blistering Tweet


Last night the American people in the “blue state” of Virginia sent the Democrats a very loud and very strong message. They rejected Joe Biden, Terry McAuliffe, Pelosi, The Squad, The Green New Deal, CRT, COVID BS, Anti-American and Anti-White narratives, and every other kooky thing Dems have been shoving down our throats, in a big way. This is what will happen when you allow the “fringe whackos” in your party to push absurd junk like “defund the police,” and all this gender-neutral crud that most Americans look at and either doesn’t understand or don’t care about. Someone’s inability to decide what “gender” they are is not a kitchen table issue for any American, period, and end of story.

Many people think it’s a mental illness, and I don’t think that’s an unreasonable assessment, given the state of mind of some people pushing this stuff online.

I thought Van Jones put it best when he said that Dems are coming across as “annoying” and “out of touch.”

Gee, ya think?


The victory in Virginia was a “bloodbath.”

That’s what far-left wing pollster Larry Sabato said Dems were calling it.. a “BLOODBATH.”



So, what’s next for Dems?

After the 2016 election, they regrouped and got a bunch of “normal-looking” candidates to run in local house races and that worked for them. But what didn’t work is that they allowed the fringe radicals of the party to have even more control and louder voices when the races were over.

And for the sham election in 2020 (at this point we all know Joe Biden did not win 81 million legal votes), Dems campaigned on moderation, but have ruled like tyrannical nut jobs… and Americans don’t like that, so they smacked them down in VA.

Now what?

Well, I can tell you this much – Joe Biden is now a lame-duck “president.” What senator or congressman from a purple state would want to work with him now? It’d be political suicide. Biden’s already so unpopular, and this Virginia blowout only makes matters worse for him.

Let’s Go Brandon!

And trust me, Pelosi sees the writing on the wall — she knows that 2022 will be a reckoning and another “bloodbath,” and she won’t want to go back to being a minority leader, her goose is cooked and she’ll likely retire.

And then there’s Schumer, who is likely facing a primary run against AOC. And while Dems need to get back to more moderate governing, they won’t because they can’t help themselves, the kooks are still running the show, so he’ll likely retire rather than face a humiliating primary defeat by a ditzy bartender.

So, when I saw this tweet from a Trump supporter named Daniel Turner, I had to share it with you. He summarized all of what I said in one short but brilliant tweet.

This guy really nailed it.

Here’s what Daniel had to say: “Pelosi will retire. She will not face losing the House yet again. Schumer will retire rather than lose to an AOC primary. She will begin her campaign that the Senate needs progressive leadership. #BuildBackBetter is dead. Remaining moderate democrats are scared.”

Will the Dems have an honest “come to Jesus” moment within their party and get back on track, or will they keep up this nonsense about racism and defunding the police and COVID tyranny?

Logically, you’d think they’d have a moment of reflection and adjust their course, but I say that they’re too far gone for that. They have too many kooks running the show and the loony liberal mob is just too powerful now. These people can’t think outside of their own bubble of out-of-touch progressivism. I looked online and everyone is still crying “racism,” and “white nationalism.” They’ll never learn.

I will leave you with this one last thought for the day… It’s wise words from the President… “Everything woke turns to shit.”

I think what we saw in Virginia really proves that point well, don’t you?