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Russia played coy with Biden’s offer to meet with Putin

Russia on Wednesday turned in a cold shoulder to meet with President Putin, President Putin, to meet with President Putin for steam in the Black Sea, to counter Moscow’s growing military presence in the region. He said that the government has taken several steps to prevent such incidents.

The White House said that Biden invited Putin during a phone call on Tuesday, in which Biden warned the Russian leader not to violate Ukraine’s sovereignty and reprimanded him for concentrating in the US elections. He said that the government has taken several steps to prevent such incidents.

But Moscow was non-commited.

He said, “It is too early to talk about this meeting still.” This is a new proposal and will be studied.

Peskov said, “The parties are not considering many topics to discuss right now, there is no preparation for this meeting.”

Emotions are raw in the midst of the Cold War crisis after Biden referred to Putin as a “killer” last month, who would “pay a price” for election intervention, and Moscow responded by calling back its ambassador from Washington.

President Joe Biden
President Joe Biden reprimanded Vladimir Putin for a medal in the US elections.
Getty Images

In Tuesday’s call, the White House said Biden made it clear that the US would act strongly in defense of its national interests in response to Russia’s actions, such as cyber intrusion and election interference.

Meanwhile, Russian foreign policy adviser Yuri Ushakov on Wednesday invited US Ambassador to Moscow John Sullivan to join the talks, while warning that the Kremlin would react harshly to any “inappropriate steps” such as sanctions if imposed by the US .

A Ukrainian soldier is seen fighting on the line of separation from pro-Russian rebels near Donetsk, Ukraine.
Crimea has seen an escalation in the fighting that is underway as the Russian military begins to support separatist forces.

Russia is gathering troops and armored vehicles near the border with Crimea, which Putin illegally annexed in 2014, signaled sanctions from the west, and moved warships and landing craft from the Caspian Sea to the Black Sea done.

In return, the US sent two ships – the USS Donald Cook and the USS Roosevelt – to the area and they are expected to arrive soon by Wednesday.

Russia's nuclear submarines Prince Vladimir and Yekaterinburg live at a Russian naval base in Gaziovo, Kola Peninsula, Russia.
Russia has moved warships and landing craft from the Caspian Sea to the Black Sea.

Russian Black Sea Fleet Russian news agency Tass reported that live-fire drills were conducted on Wednesday, and Admiral Grigorovich successfully launched a cruise missile, which targets a surface.

Earlier this week, two Russian ships, Grivorone and Vishny VolchyokThe news agency reported, drilled into the Black Sea and destroyed targets in the air.

Russian Navy's Caspian Sea warships sailing on the Don River in Rostov-on-Don
Russia warned that the Kremlin would react harshly if the US took any “inappropriate step”.
Russian Ministry of Defense / AFP

At the same time, Ukraine’s military rehearsed a tank and infantry attack on the border with Crimea in an area in which the Russian military is fighting to stop the separatist forces, which Putin has called for destruction in the peninsula The latter has started supporting the separatist forces.

The Ukrainian army posted videos of soldiers performing tank maneuvers and artillery firing.

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