Rob Parker stoops to new low with his latest Tom Brady take


Rob Parker has been wrong about Tom Brady for nearly a decade. After Brady and the Patriots lost the Super Bowl to the New York Giants in 2011, Parker went on ESPN’s First Take and gave possibly the coldest take in sports history. 

Rob Parker in 2012

“As he turns 35, Tom Brady is on the downside of his career,” Parker said to Skip Bayless and Eric Mangini. “And if you ask me if he’ll ever get to another Super Bowl, I have 1 answer; no way, no how.” 

Good lord. And we thought Max Kellerman’s infamous “cliff” tirade was bad. Brady has put together a hall of fame career in the 9 seasons after Parker’s comments. After almost 10 years of being embarrassed by Brady, Parker has added another wrinkle to try and discredit the quarterback’s greatness. 

Rob Parker; great at being wrong

Writing for Deadspin, which is annoying in of its self, Parker argued that Brady’s skin color is at play when fans argue he is the greatest team sport athlete of all time. 

Parker wrote that the idea that Brady has surpassed Michael Jordan has a “sinister message” attached to it. 

“Plain and simple, it was the propping up of a white athlete overall Black athletes,” Parker wrote. “Yes, it felt like the Great White Hope agenda. Especially to some in Black America.”

Where to begin?

First of all, I love the writing troupe here. It felt that way to “some in Black America”. Who are you writing about, Rob Parker? Twitter accounts? Media members? Fans he polled? Damned if I know. 

As annoying and as ridiculous as Parker’s claims are, this is an incredibly lazy piece. He could have talked to Black American sports fans to get their thoughts. But no. He goes with the old “some people are saying” BS argument. 

Parker then pulled out the idea that other guys have won more titles than Brady, such as Bill Russell or Yogi Berra. He also inexplicably mentioned that Brady is not the greatest QB of all time. Now it is comments that like that make you lose all creditably.

I would respect Parker more if he just admitted that if Brady won 12 titles and 7 MVPs, he still would not admit he is the greatest. Parker is too dug in on his takezzzz from 2012. 

Now that he already made himself look like a fool, Parker put all of his chips on the table and brought up race. 

The worst example of all time

Parker pointed to a bias in sports history that media members have propped up white athletes higher than they should have been. For his first example, he brought up LARRY BIRD. 

Larry Bird, the guy who won 3 MVPs, something Jordan, LeBron, Kareem, or anyone else other than Russell and Wilt Chamberlin has accomplished. The guy that won 3 titles as the best player on his team. The guy who averages 24-10-6 through his career, despite a back injury that limited him to 9 full seasons out of 12

Even with his ailments, was one of the 4 best American athletes in the 80’s, along with Magic Johnson, Joe Montana, and Wayne Gretzky. 

Yep, the writers and fans who appreciated Bird only did so because he had a light skin pigmentation. And oh yeah, they were so hard on Jordan and Magic during the same era. My God, those guys were just catching shrapnel from writers consistently. It was brutal how the media treated these guys. 

Nice example, jackass. 

Not to mention, Parker defends Dennis Rodman’s and Isiah Thomas’s incorrect comments that Bird was overrated because he was white. If Bird was just a good player, why did he dominate that great, tough, Detroit defense in 1987? Was Bird not the main reason the Pistons did not get to the Finals that year? Does Rodman or Thomas ever opine on that? (14:33 for the whole story.)

The media complemented MJ and Magic just as much as Bird. The NBA executives at the league office definitely loved the fact they could market a white star, but Bird was the best player in basketball for a significant stretch of time. 

Rob Parker needed to focus on another example to show the bias because mentioning Bird only hindered his argument. 

Back to Brady

Parker couched at the end of his piece states that Brady is great but hardly the greatest. And he believes those who argue for Brady being the best are only trying to convince others. 

You know why people argue Brady is the greatest athlete in the history of team sports, Rob Parker?

It is because he has been one of the best players at his position for 2 decades. It is because he has put up good to great numbers, regardless of the talent he had around him. Not many guys would have dragged the 2006 or 2013 Patriots within a game of The Super Bowl.

He has only lost by more than 2 scores in a postseason game 1 time, in 2009, which was the year after he tore his ACL. In all 10 Super Bowls he had played in, he had a lead in the 4th quarter. Those are a few of the reasons why some people think he is the greatest athlete in the history of North American team sports. 

If Parker wanted to show the bias in sports media for white athletes throughout history, he should have used better cases than Bird and Brady.

No one should take Rob Parker seriously on this topic, anyhow. He does not have the best history when it comes to talking about race in sports. 

Story by Chad Jones

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