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Risks and Rewards of The Carlo Extension

Risks and Rewards of The Carlo Extension

In case you missed the big news the Boston Bruins have signed defenseman Brandon Carlo to a six-year 24.6-million-dollar extension. The new deal will carry a 4.1-million-dollar cap hit through the 2026-2027 season. The deal also has a modified no-trade clause starting in the 23-24 season. In the 23-24 and 24-25 seasons, Carlo will have a ten-team no-trade list. Then an 8-team list in 25-26 and finally a 3-team list in 26-27. Carlo will be turning 31 the next time he needs a new deal. As good as this deal looks it still comes with its fair share of risk. But before that let’s talk about the rewards of the deal.

Rewards of The Carlo Extension

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The obvious reward is locking up a 24-year-old defenseman for the next six years. The Bruins have been remarkably high on Carlo for a long time, even refusing to trade him for Gabe Landeskog a few years ago. Having a second pair of Carlo and Grzelcyk locked up for under 8 million per year is a huge bargain. Let’s look at some comparable contracts to Carlo’s. First up is Marcus Petterson of the Penguins making 4.025 million for the next four seasons. Next is Damon Severson of the Devils making 4.166 million with two years left on his six-year deal. Finally, Brett Pesce of the Hurricanes making 4.025 million also with two years left on his six-year deal. All those players signed those deals before turning twenty-five and I would take Carlo over all of them. Unfortunately, now we move on to the risks.

Risks of The Carlo Extension

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The biggest risk of the Carlo extension is his recent concussion issues. Looking at his games played per season Carlo looks to have been healthy outside of this season. Unfortunately, that just isn’t accurate. Carlo’s first concussion came in the final game of his rookie season on a hit from Ovechkin. His second concussion came on March 5th, 2020, just a week before the season was paused so he only missed 2 games. Finally, his third was the Tom Wilson hit again on March 5th this year and his fourth came on a hit from Cal Clutterbuck on June 3rd.

That is four concussions in the last 50 months with 3 only 14 months apart. We have seen players like Crosby and Bergeron battle back from concussions and go on to have amazing careers. This is not a formal accusation of Carlo as a player but locking him up long-term with his recent history is a risky move.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this is a great deal for the team and the player. Carlo’s extension provides him with long-term security while helping the team by keeping his cap hit very reasonable for the foreseeable future. The question I have is how healthy is Carlo? If he can stay healthy this contract could be one of the best deals in the league. If his concussions continue to be a problem the team will be hard-pressed to work around not having a 4.1-million-dollar player on the ice. The Bruins have a busy week ahead so keep checking back for all the latest Bruins news as well as your other favorite Boston teams. Until next time stay safe out there and LET’S GO BRUINS!

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