Riley Christian, Maurissa Gunn Engaged


In it for the lengthy haul! Bachelor in Paradise couple Riley Christian and Maurissa Gunn obtained engaged in the course of the season 7 finale, which aired on Tuesday, October 5.

Maurissa, 25, was nervous that Riley, 32, wouldn’t suggest after he expressed hesitation following their evening within the fantasy suite. She arrived on the seaside in Mexico on the ultimate day assured that she needed to spend the remainder of her life with him, however she didn’t know the place he stood.

Maurissa Gunn and Riley Christian.
ABC/Craig Sjodin

“My life has been full of letdowns and broken promises until I met you. You showed me what a real man is. You showed me literally everything I’ve dreamed of my whole life. You showed me that fairytales do exist, even though our fairy tale includes whipped cream and toes,” Maurissa mentioned in the course of the finale. “I really never believed in love at first sight, and you showed me that it truly is possible. I knew I loved you the first night that I met you. You were adventurous, passionate. I knew that I was going to do whatever I needed to to make you mine, and today I know that I wanna make you mine forever.”

She added: “You know that I like to run when things get tough, but the more that I run, the more that you stay and then the more I fall in love with you.”

After Maurissa’s heartfelt declaration, Riley tried to faux her out along with his speech. “I’ve gone from city to city, from state to state and now from country to country in search of something very special,” he famous. “The difficult thing about what I’m searching for is that it’s not something that you can always see. It’s the feeling of my heart beating fast, it’s the feeling of butterflies in my stomach, it’s the feeling of goosebumps on my arms, and I know that that feeling is love. See, Maurissa, I love you, and I’ve loved you since our very first date, but I just need to be sure.”

The Bachelorette alum then dropped to at least one knee and requested Maurissa to marry him. She fortunately accepted, although she scolded him for making an attempt to throw her off.

Riley and Maurissa had been a strong couple from the time of his arrival in Paradise. They had a right away connection, which led them to the boom-boom room after their first date. She credited their alone time with serving to them type a long-lasting bond.

“It was nice also because it allowed us more time together too, so that’s why we were able to build a connection so fast,” she mentioned throughout a September episode of the “Bachelor Happy Hour” podcast. “We would have more conversation[s], get deeper sometimes.”

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