Returning Kemba Walker Needs More Time To Get Back In Groove


The returning Kemba Walker has finally returned to the roster and at a much needed time. However, with the tough schedule, they’ve played as of late, Boston has fallen to barely over a .500 record. 

At 10-8, Kemba Walker’s return has been less than stellar. After a close and last second loss to the L.A. Lakers, people are questioning the Brooklyn natives ability. In 26 minutes on the court, Walker put up only 4 points, 4 assists, and 6 rebounds. Going 1-12 from the field. Although his poor shooting didn’t stop him from taking the game winning shot. A shot that he missed but was a good look. Maybe it was a bad game, or perhaps he hasn’t recovered fully from injury. 

Since his recent return this season in the month of January, Walker is putting up numbers that are unlike him. 14.3 points and 4.2 assists a night. The east has gotten stronger thanks to a few trades and moves. Now coach Brad Stevens will need Walker even more. 

Kemba Walker Not Only To Blame For C’s Struggles

The recent losses from the Celtics are nowhere near all Walker’s fault. Boston has lost 5 of their last 6 games. The only game they won being against Cleveland. And although the teams they’ve played were tough, they need to figure out a way to win. That way to win starts with returning Kemba Walker and him finding his way back in his groove offensively. Even towards the end of last season in the bubble, Walker wasn’t his typical self. He wasn’t as elusive as fans are accustomed to seeing him. More jumpers, passing, and two dribble pull-ups are mostly what we’re seeing from the former Husky. Even though the young guys are rising up, Walker is still the veteran that needs to lead them. 

With Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum having analyst wonder who’s better, the team is losing. Which doesn’t do too well for Boston fans. When at their highest peak, Boston runs through Kemba Walker bringing the ball up the court. His IQ and court awareness is what gets guys open. Along with shaking and baking defenders to get his shots off as well. Putting less focus on Tatum or Brown from defenders. The Celtics bench has indeed stepped in certain areas. But when it comes to big games like the Lakers, Boston needs it’s stars to show up. 

Everyone Needs To Step It Up

A returning Kemba Walker is what coach Brad Stevens needs.
Image Via Hardware Houdini

The east has gotten way more competitive. The way the Celtics have been competing will simply not get it done. Now in the middle of the pack in their conference, Walker will be the key component. Depending on whether he’ll get himself back to his all-star self is the question. If not, we shouldn’t expect Boston to take that next step and enter the finals. Brown and Tatum can be just as good as they want, but teams will catch on. That third star in Walker is what makes Boston dynamic as a team. It will be all on the former Charlotte Hornets point guard to put it together.