Reasons Why Newton May Still Be Patriots Quarterback Next Season


The reasons why New England might stay with Cam newton could be a range of reasons. After an unusual season of being under .500, the Patriots will be making changes. However, that doesn’t mean that the changes will be at quarterback. Here might be some reasons  Cam Newton might resign with the Patriots and be starting next season:

Multiple Reasons Why Newton Had No Weapons

It’s no secret that the Patriots lack depth in the receiver department. Even Brady who’s now flourishing in Tampa Bay struggled the previous year in New England. The same applies to Cam Newton. Lead receiver Julian Edelman suffered an injury that kept him out for most of the season. Young guys such as N’Keal Harry, Jakobi Meyers, and Damiere Byrd were serviceable but non-elite guys. There wasn’t anyone on the team that could be relied on. 

If Newton were to resign with the Patriots he would need a few more guys as weapons. Coach Belichick said himself they used all their money and resources on Super Bowls in previous seasons. But if Newton can be convinced that he’ll have help then he might stay. 

A Number Of Unfortunate Events Held Patriots Back

Not all of the Patriots’ ill-success fell on the shoulders of Newton. There were a number of unfortunate mishaps that kept them back. Newton and Stephon Gilmore tested positive for COVID and had to sit out. Players decided not to play this season under the conditions. And injuries on other players hindered them. However, that doesn’t excuse all of the failures that happened for not making the playoffs. Week 5 against Denver Newton fumbled the ball in a supposed to be the game-winning drive. Although New England may have had some bad luck, Newton’s play must certainly be better. 

Reasons why Newton may stay in New England are greater than you think.
Image Via Patriots Wire – USA Today

Belichick & Josh McDaniels Like Him

It must’ve been refreshing to have a quarterback that can gain yards with his feet. And for the beginning of the season, the Patriots looked pretty good. The playbook is filled with option plays, runs, and play-action that best suits Newton. The former Auburn star is still only 31 years of age. He still put up 12 rushing touchdowns (2 less than the most by a quarterback in which he holds the title). And also 8 passing touchdowns. Plus he’s clearly the favorite over backup Jarrett Stidham. 

Earlier in the year, Brian Hoyer played over Stidham. When it happened, it was clear that Stidham is not the guy for New England. Newton started throughout the season in games where he was eligible. Despite not making the playoffs McDaniels and Bill stuck it out with Newton which speaks volumes. 

There’s no guarantee that Newton will stay in New England but if he does there are multiple reasons why. With no clear star, the Patriots have time on their hands to work with. So maybe Newton has found a home.