Foldable Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard


Folding Bluetooth keyboard, add more functionality to satisfy your need. Longer battery life, wide compatibility, and mini packed size, specifically designed for easy and portable daily use.

Automatic on/off by unroll/roll-up keyboard and sleep mode function, help to conserve battery. With Bluetooth Broadcom 3.0 chip, connect it and start your work immediately. This slim wireless Bluetooth keyboard is faster than Bluetooth 2.0. The operating distance can be 10m.

Built-in slot bracket design, with holder for Table PC iPad iPod iPhone and smartphones, etc., you can use your tablets and smartphones at an ideal viewing angle.

<strong>NATURAL AND SMALL</strong>
This rollable wireless Bluetooth phone/tablet keyboard offers you the same fast, natural typing experience. When folding this Bluetooth keyboard, easily stow in a backpack, pocket, portable and lightweight.

<strong>A PERFECT GIFT CHOICE</strong>
Folding Wireless Bluetooth keyboard, noise-less silently typing experience, the best gift choices for friends and perfect for travel.

Rollable Wireless Bluetooth keyboard with holder for Table PC iPad iPod iPhone and smartphones, etc.
<div class=”product-title” data-spm-anchor-id=”a2g0o.detail.1000016.i2.4de72049mPMYNT”>Mini Foldable Keyboard With Holder Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard 64 Keys Universal Roll Up Quick Response 252*46.8*28.8mm</div>
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<img class=”size-medium wp-image-12051″ src=”×300.jpg” alt=”Foldable Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard” width=”150″ height=”300″ /> Foldable Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard