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Possible Reasons Why Celtics Have Yet To Make A Trade

Possible Reasons Why Celtics Have Yet To Make A Trade

The possible reasons for the .500 Celtics for not making any changes yet to the roster may hinder fans. But here they are:

Riding Jaylen Brown And Jayson Tatum

In today’s day and age of basketball it almost seems like a organization needs a super team to win a championship. Look at the past champions in recent years: Warriors with KD, Lakers with James, and AD. As for the Celtics, they might have the tools they need in their possession. The development of Jaylen Brown has been a spectacle to see. Playing in his first all-star game this year he’s been impressive. He’s averaging 24.6 points and 5.5 rebounds. The more he develops the better the future looks. 

It same thing for Jayson Tatum. The former Duke forward has caught the eyes of analysts, rappers, and NBA fans for a long time now. He’s proven he can play in big moments, doesn’t choke, and has a bag of tricks on offense. Danny Ainge may just enjoy the young stars he has now and hoping for the future. The possible reasons for a lack of trades may be the reliance on these two.

Possible Reasons May Rely On A Healthy Kemba Walker

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It was a nagging injury that kept the longtime veteran point guard out for a quarter of the season. And when he returned, Walker took some time to get to his old self. He’s got a few tough games but is slowly showing his old form. Possibly Ainge is relying on Walker to get back to full health for the late stretch of this season. 

Remember, it was Walker, Tatum, and Brown last year that led the Celtics to the conference finals. Gordon Hayward was out for majority of that playoff run. So the plans of that trio together plus a supporting cast may be what’s expected. This brings us to the next point.

Moves Were Already Spent On Players This Offseason

No no, none of the additions that Ainge made before this season made headlines. Tristan Thomspon and Jeff Teague haven’t necessarily been holding weight so far. Part of it has been due to COVID and injuries. Nonetheless, the Celtics did make moves to have a supporting cast that would fit the three key leaders. Unfortunately, this season and year have been nothing short of unexpected. 

Also worth noting, part of the Celtics success despite the stars is Marcus Smart. The former Oklahoma State guard has been dealing with injuries for numerous weeks. The injuries of the Celtics plus the moves made before this season has held them back. 

With a little bit over 30 more games to go, the Celtics will need to step up big time. The Hawks, Hornets, and Heat have all started coming in this second half of the season. If the Celtics remain to struggle due to injuries and COVID protocols, they can say goodbye to their season. The once high expectations are looking bleak and far. Luckily, every team is close to one another in records. 

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