Phoenix man using videos to bring awareness to polluted trailheads


Like many Phoenix residents, Seth Landau loves to hike. But whereas taking within the lovely surroundings, he says he is seen an issue these days.

“People are using the mountain climbing trails sort of like a landfill in some circumstances,” Landau said.

He created a video that he posted on his YouTube page, picking up all of the trash he’s come across.

“It hurts my coronary heart, it is unhappy as a result of that is any individual’s dwelling,” he said.

On an average Saturday morning, the parking lot at Piestewa Peak Trailhead is packed, as hundreds make their way up the mountain.

“This is sort of the Disneyland of Phoenix proper now with every part shut down,” Landau said.

The pandemic has brought an influx of people to hiking spots just looking for something to do. While many may not see it on the main trails, Landau says the trash is usually right off to the side.

“Once you see it, you can not unsee it,” he said.

In the video he created, Landau picks up fast food wrappers, bottle caps, even clothes, shoes and sunglasses.

When ABC15 asked the city of Phoenix about the problem, Public Information Officer for the Parks and Recreation Department Gregg Bach sent the following statement: “I’m not conscious of this being any extra of a difficulty than regular within the metropolis’s protect land. Park Rangers regularly monitor this and can do clean-up actions as wanted, as do our Volunteer Park Stewards, who work carefully with our ranger workers. If somebody has a priority, they need to contact our division. supplies all of the contact data. Also, ought to somebody want to level out a priority about trails or litter within the Piestewa Peak space, there’s a ranger station close to the trailhead’s most important parking space and adjoining to the massive automobile and pedestrian bridge.”

When asked if the city has enough staff to handle the number of visitors, Bach said, “We are staffed to handle the usage of our trails.”

Landau says he doesn’t blame them for the problem.

“To expect the city or the county or the state to pick up after us and to take care of this conservation we should be doing ourselves is unrealistic,” he stated.

But as a substitute, he says it is on all of us to do one thing about it.

“Sometimes whenever you make a film or artistic video and put it proper in entrance of any individual it’s actually laborious to ignore,” he said. “So that’s how my emotions come out by way of artwork and hopefully that evokes individuals too see what I’m seeing and when you see it you may’t unsee it.”


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