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Philip Roth biographer accused of sexual harassment

He wrote in the email, “I assure you that I have never had any kind of non-consensual sex with anyone.” In the meantime, I appeal to your decency: a wife and young daughter of mine Is that which is dependent on me and is dependent on it, and such a rumor, even untrue, will destroy them. “

Alumni remembered him as a charismatic role model who regarded him as an intellectual peer. But they also created an environment of intimacy that could cross the line, such as encouraging students to write about romantic relationships in magazines that they submitted to them for comments. “There was an atmosphere of dirty jokes and parody,” Elizabeth Gross, an alumnus who now teaches at Tulane University. Some students said that their remarks and behavior were years later an attempt to “prepare” them for sexual encounters.

Alumnus, 40-year-old Eve Peyton, who now works as a preacher at a high school in New Orleans, said she was raped by Mr. Bailey when she was a graduate student. When she was his student, he regarded her as “one of his special girls”, she said, attentively flattering and reaffirming the time.

In June 2003, she was a graduate student at the University of Missouri School of Journalism and married. He and Mr. Bailey both started moving to New Orleans at the same time and met for drinks. Later, he invited her to return to the place he was staying, where he kissed her, began oral sex, and when she squirmed away, he pinned her to the bed and forcibly had sex with her, she said. She finally stopped when she reported that she was not using birth control, she remembered.

He then took her to her father’s house, where she was staying, with Mr. Bailey saying that she “wanted him” when she was 12, when she was 12, Ms. Peeton said.

She said that two friends were told about the attack that she did not go to the police shortly after this happened, as she was overwhelmed and wanted to get on with her life. She later went to see a therapist with experience in sexual assault counseling.

A friend of hers, Catherine Roach, now a professor of art history at Virginia Commonwealth University, remembers Ms. Peeton’s call that summer.