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Patriots Training Camp Observations

The Patriots started training camp this past week and it was with fans. It felt good to attend practice again for the first time since 2019. Although, it was different because of Tom Brady not being on the field. The first day wasn’t crowded although it rained, it seemed like people didn’t go because there is no more draw now that Brady left. The second and third day was better and Saturday was the best day of them all crowd-wise. However, it isn’t the same now that Tom is in Tampa. People are still upset that Belichick let Brady walk out the door and went 7-9 with Cam Newton.

As for the quarterback’s there is no competition. There never was Cam Newton in the starting quarterback period. Mac Jones wasn’t going to play against Brady in Week 4 and Cam Newton won’t ever settle for being a backup. He listens and does what Belichick tells him to do. He has bought in 100% and Belichick loves that. Yes, with all the talent the Patriots added this offseason they should be a playoff team. But, we really won’t know how good this team is until the season starts.

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On the first day, Mac Jones won the day. But, since then it’s been all Cam Newton. It’s Newton’s job to lose and trust me he isn’t going to lose it. As for Jarrett Stidham, he had back surgery so most likely his career as a Patriot is probably over. He didn’t even see the field last year when Newton elongs in games. Stidham was in awe of Cam Newton and didn’t take any leadership role. Jones, being a first-round pick can learn and grow in the Patriot’s offense.

New receiver Nelson Aghlor has had an impressive camp so far. He had two great catches one from Newton and Jones on day three of camp. Aghlor along with Kendrick Bourne will come in and try to improve the wide receiver room. Both aren’t top receivers in the game, However, they are better than what they have now. They haven’t had receivers and two tight ends in a long time.

On the defensive side of the ball linebacker Matt Judon has had an impressive camp so far. Judon so far seems to enjoy his experience with the Patriots.

“You just gotta be in the building. You hear stuff going on on the TV and whatever and you were always on the outside looking in. Now that I’m on the inside, I understand a little bit more. Every day I’ve gained a little bit more knowledge. And as I go through the year, hopefully I know mostly everything. But, you know, we just gotta figure it out day by day.”

As we head into this week things will start to heat up. They will be in pads starting on Tuesday. Belichick will most likely want to see how this will all come together when the hitting starts. Overall, the Patriots should be in a good spot heading into the season. There are still question marks like will N’Keal Harry be on the team? How about Sony Michel? I’m a no on both but it’ll be fun to watch it play out.

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