Patriots Fans Should Be Rooting For Brady In Super Bowl


With Tom Brady in the Super Bowl Patriots fans should be rooting for Brady to win his seventh ring. First, if the Chiefs win they’ll be the first team since the 03,04 Patriots to repeat as Super Bowl Champions. With Brady standing in the way of that it would help the Patriots Dynasty if the Bucs win the Super Bowl. Nobody should be bitter about Brady leaving after his playoff performance. Brady is the winningest athlete in professional sports. He and the Bucs took down Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers. Now, they have a chance to take down Patrick Mahomes in the biggest game of the season.

Root For Brady In The Super Bowl

Tom Brady is headed to another Super bowl

Patriot fans should be upset at Belichick for not having the next quarterback. It will be a kick in the face at the Patriots if Brady wins number seven. However, if Brady were to win this game he would have more titles than any other team in the NFL. That is insane imagine how Belichick and the Patriots feel. They could’ve had Brady until 45 to get a few more championships. Now they look dumb while Brady is on top of the world.

Imagine, next year Brady could be coming back to Foxborough as a Super Bowl Champion playing the Patriots as a Buccaneer. The crowd will go nuts and should give him a standing ovation. Brady has meant a lot to Boston and New England as a whole. He and the Patriots started the winning why wouldn’t people be rooting for him?

Patriots Had The Chance Of Bringing Brady Back

Face it to all the doubters. Belichick lost Brady won. Also, I agree with Colin Cowherd if Belichick goes 6-10 next season then all the Patriots’ success was Tom Brady. Belichick will take so much heat and will forever be known as the coach who couldn’t win without Brady.

Patriots fans should root for Brady. Let it be known you’re mad at the Patriots for letting Brady walk out the door for nothing. Finally, now he’s headed to the Super Bowl while the Patriots were 5-9 against everyone besides the Jets.