Patricia Arquette dated a convicted murderer


Even stars have strange dates, but Patricia Arquette This sad story may have topped all dating horror stories. The 53-year-old actress revealed that she had gone out with a pro skateboarder Mark “Gator” Rogowski, Who would later kill a woman.

Arquette asked in a tweet, “What’s the weirdest date ever?” Medium Starr knew he had a story to share.

“Second date.” Pro Skateboarder. Really cute, she ” wrote On Tuesday, April 13. “With my friends. We made out but how he kissed me made me quite nervous. I gave him a fake number. Years later he killed his girlfriend. “

Patricia Arquette. AFF-USA / Shutterstock

Her followers leap into detective mode and quickly discover that 54-year-old Mark “Gator” Rozowski was her date. Arquette confirmed the guess and explained why their kissing scared her off.

“that’s offensive. He pushed me harder with his jaw and felt as if he was getting angry wrote.

In 1991, Rogowski raped and murdered model Jessica Bergston. He buried her in a shallow grave in the desert and confessed to the crime a few weeks later. Los angeles times Last year’s report when his latest attempt to get parole was denied. Rogowski has attempted to get parole three times without success, and he will be eligible for another parole suitability hearing in June.

Rogowski killed McClain because he was friends with his former girlfriend Brandi McClain. “Scary. I feel so bad for both of those women, “Arquette Commented On twitter

“Moral to the story – trust your instincts,” he The couple.

The actress went to share 32-year-old Enzo Rosie with a boyfriend Paul rossi. She married the actor Nicolas Cage Actor from 1996 to 2001 and then Thomas jane From 2006 to 2011. She and Jane welcomed daughter Harlow Jane, now 18 years old, in 2003. Currently, Arquette is in a long-term relationship with artist Eric White.

Hopefully, Arket’s run-way with the criminals will continue to move onscreen. Starr won the Golden Globe Award for two crime plays in 2019 and 2020. First, she scored Best Actress in the Miniseries Statue when she portrayed Tillie Mitchell, who helped two criminals escape from prison, in Showtime’s time Escape on Dannemora.

Then, she won the Best Supporting Actress Award in a limited series when she played the role of Deau de Blanchard, who was killed by her daughter Gypsy Rose in Hulu. Act. He also accidentally injured coaster Joy King that night with his Golden Globe.

The humble leading lady had a few veins before winning the 2019 statue. “I mean I’m really in denial about all of this until an hour ago,” he specifically told Us weekly those days. “And then I started having a low-grade anxiety attack, which we are hiding while speaking. Yeah, so I don’t know if I need to figure it out – I’m just not comfortable enough to actually be all dressed up – I’m like a overall person, so I have to pass [sic] My comfort level. “

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