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Overwatch director Blizzard is leaving

After nearly two decades at the company, one of Blizzard’s best-known employees is ready to innovate. On Tuesday, Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan announced that he was leaving the historic game developer. “It was truly an honor of a lifetime to have the opportunity to create a world and a hero for such a passionate audience,” Kaplan said Goodbye note Shared by Blizzard.

Tekon for Kaplan is Aaron Keller, another longtime Blizzard employee. Prior to Overwatch, the two previously worked together on World of Warcraft. “Jeff has been a great leader, mentor and friend, and he knows how much we’re going to miss him,” Keller said. “I have been fortunate to work with him and the rest of the Overwatch team over the years to create something that inspires people around the world, and I feel honored to carry the torch.”

As you might think, the timing of Kaplan’s departure is causing concern among the Overwatch community. The franchise feels that this is somewhat limited in the original game compared to last year and with a Meaty update in between. Blizzard won’t even release Overwatch 2 In 2021. But according to Keller, development in the sequel “continues at a good pace.” He says Blizzard will share more frequent updates on the game “very soon.”

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